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Fabrics & Fixings

Shading your greenhouse is usually required from the middle of spring through until early autumn and an effective way to shade your greenhouse is to use a shade fabric. Greenhouse Shade Fabric is best fitted to the outside of your greenhouse - it will be 40% more effective installed outside compared to being installed inside. By fitting to the outside, the shade fabric stops the sun's rays from passing through the glass - so producing the maximum cooling effect.
However, if fitting the shade fabric to the outside is too tricky, then fix inside your greenhouse. Use fixing clips to hold the shade fabric against the frame of the greenhouse. Although fixing the shading to the inside of the greenhouse will not have the same cooling effect as fitting to the outside (as the sun's rays are able to pass through the glass and generate heat) it is still an effective way of shading your greenhouse.
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    Green Shade Netting

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    Tough, durable UV stabilised polyethylene netting. 4-5 year life expectancy. Reinforced edges with pre-woven slits positioned every 2inch (5cm) to ...

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    from £4.85