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Electric Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are perfect for Conservatory & Home heating, they are designed to emit a gentle, radiant heat that will perform well in environments that will benefit from a constant background temperature.

This type of heating is perfect for spaces that are likely to suffer if a warm, dry atmosphere is not maintained.Their gentle nature of heating can be used to maintain low constant temperatures ideal for combatting condensation and protecting plants.

Tubular heater systems are able to keep your conservatory frost free as well as warm them up to ideal temperatures for the growing of plants over the winter. They are an extremely versatile piece of heating that will be suited to the vast majority of living and growing areas.

Tubular electric heaters are available in a range of sizes and wattages so can be configured to any space. Some have integral thermostats others will gratly benifit from the addition of a remote thermostat to accurately control the room temperature.