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Electric Blanket

If your greenhouse has limited space and has no room for a dedicated propagation area this Electric Blanket is probably the answer.
It can be used on top of existing benches, on the floor or anywhere you have some free space, and when no longer required it rolls up for easy storage. 
Made from 'Heat Wire' laminated in a flexible aluminium case which helps give an evenly spread base heat - ideal for propagation.

Supplied complete with:
Heat Mat Digital Thermostat - for accurate temperature control. This digital thermostat is easy to programme via the up and down temperature buttons. Whilst its large, illuminated screen is easy to read. It has a remote sensor on the end of a 4ft 11in / 1.5m flexible lead for accurate positioning. 
Polystyrene pads - to place underneath the electric blanket for efficient heat distribution, concentrating the heat up through the blanket rather than down through the staging.
Black polythene - to lay on the top of the electric blanket for added protection.

Easy to site – the blanket has a 2ft 5in (74cm) lead to a plug to connect to the thermostat, whilst the thermostat has a 4ft 11in lead to plug for mains connection.

20" (51cm) wide,
Two lengths available - 
5'8" (173cm) long, with a 130 watt maximum power consumption.
7'6" (229cm) long, with180 watt maximum power consumption.
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