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Darlac Flexible Gutter Cleaner

Keep gutters free of dirt and debris by using this Flexible Gutter Cleaner Head attached to the Darlac Spiral flow Hose and one of the Telescopic Poles. Easy to fit, it has an adjustable brass spray nozzle that can be turned to direct water as a jet, ideal for cleaning, through to a fine spray. This Gutter Cleaner has a black flexible shaft which you can shape to suit the gutter you are cleaning.

Designed to easily fit to the end of the Spiral flow Hose.

Adjust the shape and angle of the shaft to deliver water directly into your gutter, keeping waste to a minimum.

Its brass spray nozzle can be twisted to adjust the spray of water from a fine spray through to a hard jet.

Darlac product code: DP586.

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Top Tip
When used regularly this Flexible Gutter Cleaner will keep your guttering free of dirt, leaves and debris. For a really effective clean use together with the ‘Soap Dispenser’ filled with detergent or anti-fungus cleaner.