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Darlac Swop Top Watering Kits & Components

Darlac's Swop Top Watering System is a range of 'mix and match' bases and heads that can be selected to achieve the best possible solution for each situation. No matter what size of greenhouse or garden you have to water, combining the correct head and base will ensure efficient watering resulting in healthy plant growth. Bases to select from include the Rolling Base, the Two Way Spike or Adjustable Tripod. To this add the type of water head required - this could be the Water spinner, Impulse Sprinkler, Mister Bar, Mister Head or Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler. For greater height add in the Telescopic Riser - when Tripod and Riser are used together they can reach an ultimate height of 1.7 metres, high enough for even the tallest plants and shrubs.