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Conservatory Watertight Trays

The difficulty in caring for plants is making sure they get enough water, but not too much water, especially if you are growing a large number of plants in your conservatory. Keeping your plants watered whilst you are away on holiday is another reason for needing Water Trays. A Watering Tray is designed to keep plants hydrated from the bottom up - helping to create stronger, healthier roots. We stock a wide range of sizes of watertight plastic trays - so you are sure to find one to suit the situation - such as narrow trays for on window sills and large trays for in greenhouses - and the right size to hold your pots and trays. Ideally you don't want to leave plants for long periods with their roots stood in water. So either remove them once all the compost is moist, or using water matting, sand or gravel to line the tray and stand your pots on top of this.