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Conservatory Watering Cans

Watering Cans are invaluable when it comes to carrying and applying water, so all gardeners need at least one. The best type of watering can to buy is one that has a detachable rose on the spout. The 'rose' of the watering can can be either plastic or brass and has a series of holes in it. When watering, turn the rose upwards and you will create a fine spray of water suitable for seedlings. Turn the rose to face down on the spout and it will create a 'shower' of water more suitable for robust plants. For quick, accurate watering, remove the rose and water directly from the spout. As well as Watering Cans being used to deliver water, they are also ideal when it comes to mixing and delivering liquid feeds and other chemicals - just be cautious when it comes to using a watering can to apply weedkiller - ideally buy a watering can for just that purpose.