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Plug Trays

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Strong, re-useable Plug Trays with 84 & 180 individual 'cells' enabling you to grow seedlings in their own cell of compost reducing the chance of root damage when plants are potted up. 
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SKU PT08405
Manufactured from strong black plastic.

Each tray measures 21" x 12˝" (53cm x 32cm).

84 Cell - each cell measures 1˝ (36mm) square & 2" (50mm) deep.

180 Cell - each cell measures 1" (25mm) square & 1˝" (35m) deep.

Designed to accomodate a single sown seed giving enough room to develope and grow until the seedling is ready to be potted or planted on.

Tapered cells enable plants to be popped out without damage to their fragile roots.

Ideal for growing a wide range of plants, from annuals to vegetables, these space saving plug trays enable you to grow large numbers of healthy plants in a small area.

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Keep your borders looking their best by providing your plants with a little support. Plants with slender stems or those made top heavy with flowers will benefit most, such as delphiniums, snapdragons, asters, zinnias etc.