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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Vitopod Propagator

AWARD WINNING - this propagator has won many awards including BBC Gardeners World 'Best Buy' and Grow Your Own magazines 'Most Innovative Product'
Providing the perfect environment for the propagation of seeds, cuttings and the overwintering of delicate plants this versatile heated Vitopod Propagator is available in two sizes, Standard and Large - both units come complete with a single layer cover and an electronic thermostat, which allows you to create a controlled propagating environment .

Also available with an optional LED Grow Light pack that insures fast, reliable growth without legginess. These are held at the optimum level from your plants by use of the bespoke brackets which fit at either end of the light fittings, which in turn sit securely to the Vitopod top lids. 

Optional height increasing, cover side panel packs are also available allowing you increase the overall cover height to create the perfect heated space to suit your exact needs. (See 'You May Also Like......' below)

Designed by botanists and plant geneticists and used in many commercial nurseries as well as by amateur gardeners it makes it possible for you to achieve success when growing from seeds or cuttings by enabling extremely accurate temperature control to within 1ºC, with the use of its easy to set digital thermostat. Whilst an even base heat ensures all your seed trays or pots receive the same level of heat as the whole of the base of the propagator is heated so you won't get uneven growth as a result of hot or cold spots. Large vents in both the lid and sides ensure good ventilation without needing to remove the whole lid, which would waste electricity and expose the plants to too much cold. 

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Precise temperature control - with the easy to set digital thermostat you can select any temperature between 5-30ºC (41-86ºF ). The temperature sensor of on the end of a 5ft flexible lead and can be inserted into the compost / soil or placed in the base of the propagator. When the sensor registers the temperature has dropped below the set temperature it gently turns up the power to increase the heat without shocking the plants. When the sensor registers the temperature has increased above the set temperature it turns the heat off. This stable, gentle temperature control results in higher germination rates, faster growth and stronger plants. It also means that you can maintain the right temperature without wasting electricity.
Even base heat -the bottom tray of the Vitopod holds a sealed heating element across the whole area to ensure every seed tray receives the same level of heat, with no chance for hot or cold spots which could result in uneven plant growth. The Vitopod's even heat is achieved because the heating elements are tightly packed together and results in a higher success rate when germinating from seeds or growing on cuttings.

Exactly the right humidity - large butterfly vents in both the lid and sides of the Vitopod enable you to have maximum control over the humidity in the propagator. They allow you to release the condensation that can build up in the propagator without removing the whole lid - if high levels of condensation is allowed to remain within the propagator this can lead to seeds, young plants and cuttings rotting.

Growth enhancing LED lights - are now available as an optional extra. These LED Grow Lights help to create fast, healthy, reliable growth without legginess. When you choose a Vitopod with Lights you will receive two lights each with a pair of brackets which have been specially designed to hold the lights at the optimum level above your plants and which can be easily moved if you add additional layers to your Vitopod.

Long lasting - the crystal clear sides and top of the propagator allow maximum light to your plants and being UV protected will allow years of use without yellowing. In fact, the cover panels are made from the same durable, UV resistant acrylic material as aircraft windscreens!

Available in two sizes:

Standard - Internal - 19¾ inches x 19¾ inches x 9½ inch high (50cm x 50cm x 24cm) / External 23 inches x 23 inches (59cm x 59cm) - large enough to accept two standard size seed trays.
Power - 50 watts.

Large - Internal - 19¾ inches x 39½ inches x 9½ inches high (50cm x 100cm x 24cm) / External 44 inches x 23 inches (111cm x 59cm) - large enough to take five standard size seed trays.
Power - 100 watts.
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Guidelines For Using Your Lights
Seedlings and young plants benefit from 12-16 hours of good light per day. You should aim to use your LED grow lights lights to achieve these daylight hours. So, in the Spring switch your lights on for 1-2 hours before sunrise and off 1-2 hours after sunset. You could automate this by adding a timer. On very dull, cloudy or overcast days you can leave the lights on for the full 12-16 hours whilst on very sunny days turn the lights off completely.

Don’t be tempted to leave the lights on 24 hours a day – this won’t benefit your plants as they need some periods of dark!