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Monotop Propagator

This versatile Monotop Propagator is available with a number of useful accessories that will enable you to succesfully grow your own plants from seed or cuttings. This heated propagator comes in two sizes with add on's available that will allow you to create a professional propagation system. The Monotop Heated Propagator also comes with a useful high dome, ventilated cover as standard, giving you ample headroom to grow plants to a well established size.
You can simply have the heated base and high dome on its own or choose to have it with a digital thermostat and grow lights, or any other combination that you wish.
Build your desired propagator by making the selections below.
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Base and High Dome Cover -
Standard - measuring - 615 x 425mm external / 525 x 310mm internal, the dome being 190mm high.(total internal headroom - 220mm)
Large - measuring - 1120 x 620mm external / 1010 x 530mm internal, the dome being 190mm high.(total internal headroom - 255mm)

Base Power -
Standard - 37 watts.
Large - 100 watts.

Digital Thermostat -
Precise temperature control - with the easy to set Digital Heat Mat thermostat with which you can select any temperature between 5-42ºC (+/- 1º).

Grow Lights -
Sunblaster T5HO Grow Lights with Nanotech Reflectors, 6400K full spectrum balanced light for healthy green growth on seedlings and cuttings.
The light fittings sit in the specially moulded channels in the top of the high dome cover, positioning them at the correct height above your seedlings.

Standard Monotop propagator with Lights, would have - Two 18" long fittings with 17 watt / 6400k lamps giving 1581 initial lumens (3162 lumens in total).
Large Monotop propagator with Lights, would have - Two 36" long fittings with 39 watt / 6400k lamps giving 3627 initial lumens (7254 lumens in total).
Life Expectancy on lamps - 10,000 hours.

NB Anything pictured within the propagator is not included. 
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Click Here to see the instructions for operating the Heat Mat Thermostat