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Commercial Benches

Our strongest aluminium benching, our Commercial Benching will provide you with a very substantial growing space, making it ideal for larger greenhouses and polytunnels. Suitable for carrying heavy loads - remember pots can weigh heavy when laden with plants and water - it has a supremely strong frame made from heavy duty aluminium sections, quadruple bolted for maximum strength. This free standing greenhouse benching is extremely stable, with legs space at 4 foot intervals and bracing between the top and lower levels. To make best use of the space, Commercial Benching is available with one level - also known as 'single tier benching' - or with two levels - 'two tier benching' - providing even more useable growing or storage space.
Commercial Benching is available with either a solid aluminium surface or with aluminium slats. A solid aluminium surface is the most popular choice and being held in place by a lower lip, is great for holding water matting, capillary matting, sand or gravel - helping to promote increased humidity. Choose a slatted surface if you are growing plants that prefer lots of air to circulate around their roots - such as orchids or cyclamen. Slats allow maximum air to circulate, helping to prevent botrytis or damping off due to stagnant air.