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Wooden Cold Frame

Protect your plants from frost, harsh weather and pests with this traditionally styled Wooden Cold Frame. It’s ideal for hardening off, protecting young or non hardy plants and for raising seedlings, plugs and cuttings.
Hard wearing, treated frame made of high quality, fully FSC certified timber - the frame will last approx. 5 years but treating it with a wood preservative will extend its life.

Supplied as part assembled panels for easy and quick construction. 

All four sides and the lid are glazed with virtually shatterproof, UV stabilised, twin-walled polycarbonate ensuring good insulation properties & diffused light which can help prevent scorching. 

Locking stays on either side of the lid enable you to easily access your plants as well as allowing variable ventilation.

Use over beds or on a firm surface such as a patio. 

Lightweight, it can be moved from one position to another as required. 

Dimensions: 3ft 3in (100cm) long x 2ft 2in (65cm) wide x 1ft 4in (40cm) high at the back. 
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Click Here to see details for assembling this cold frame.