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Haxnicks Grower Frame Polythene Cover

This Clear Grower Frame Polythene Cover provides protection from the weather and stops pests from reaching your plants. It turns the Grower Frame into the perfect place for overwintering tender plants or in the early spring for raising new plants.

Shaped to easily fit over the Grower Frame to create a protected space that will retain warmth and humidity for quicker plant growth.

Four zips on the sides of the cover lets you easily access all areas of the area under cover.

Roll up insect proof ventilation panels at either end of the cover allow air to circulate whilst preventing insects from getting to your plants.

Size: 9’8" long x 3’3" wide x 3’3" high (3 metres x 1 metre x 1 metre)

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Please Note: the image shows the Poly Cover being used over the Grower Frame - the Grower Frame is available to purchase separately.