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Bio Green Soil Warming Cable

These Bio Green Soil Warming Cables are specially designed to provide heat in propagating trays, benches, greenhouse borders, cold frames etc or for air warming. They are especially suitable for the DIY gardener who is making their own propagator.
Available in four sizes select the correct size based on the propagation area it is being used in. Your cable should then give a lift of 8-12 degrees C above the ambient (room) temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: These cables come fitted with a moulded 3 pin UK plug, this plug must not be removed, the cable is not re-wireable. The cables are designed just to be plugged straight into a mains socket or into a trailing socket as fitted to our Thermoset and Thermo2 thermostats. If you have an existing thermostat simply fit a trailing socket to the output to enable you to plug in these cables. 
Designed to promote germination and growth these fully insulated Soil Heating Cables are highly flexible making them easy to lay in propagation areas without sharp bends or the cable touching itself (which can damage the cable).

Available in four sizes:
14ft / 4.3m Cable - 25 watt - suitable for areas up to 4 sq. ft.
20ft / 6.0m Cable - 50 watt - suitable for areas up to 8 sq. ft.
33ft / 10.0m Cable - 100 watt - suitable for areas up to 17 sq. ft.
82ft / 25.0m Cable - 320 watt - suitable for areas up to 48 sq. ft. 

Used in the correct sized area the Soil Heating Cable should give a lift of 8-12 degrees C above the ambient / room temperature. 

Supplied ready to plug in these cables are covered by a manufacturers 2 year guarantee.

We recommend using these Soil Heating Cables with our Thermo 2 or Heat Mat thermostats, which will allow you to set the maximum temperature you require (typically 19*c) ensuring that should the ambient temperature rise, the cable is turned off so that seeds / seedlings are not 'cooked' . 
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