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Bayliss XL Vent Opener

This Bayliss XL is an extremely reliable automatic vent opener.
The opener is activated by a stainless steel cylinder containing a mineral wax which expands with heat; this pushes a piston causing the vent to open. As the temperature falls the wax contracts and a strong stainless steel spring closes the opener. 
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For roof vents weighing up to 12lbs, approx.30" x 24" (76cm x 61cm).

Can be clamped onto aluminium greenhouses - no need for any drilling. If a more permanent fixing is required it can also be bolted on - for wooden greenhouses it is attached by wood screws (not supplied).

Fitting neatly close to the glass the opener does not protrude into the greenhouse (so you don't bang your head!).

Satin anodised unit approx. 11" (28cm) long which exerts a load of 11lbs (5Kg) i.e. it will lift a vent weighing up to 22lbs (10Kg).

Can be set to start opening the vent at any temperature between 12-18 degrees Centigrade/55-65 degrees Fahrenheit, giving a maximum window opening of 12" (30cm).

Supplied complete with comprehensive installation instructions. 
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Bayliss guarantee their openers for 2 years but if anything should go wrong after that replacement cylinders are readily available and easy to fit. 
Click Here to see full and comprehensive fitting instructions for this Bayliss Opener. 

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