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Bayliss Automatic Louvre Opener

Currently out of stock - due in week commencing 11th July - order now to reserve stock
This Bayliss Automatic Louvre Vent Opener is designed to fit simply, neatly and unobtrusively to a greenhouse louvre vent.
Temperature adjustable - you can set the opener to start opening the louvre from 15-18*C, with a maximum opening at approximately 30*C.
 Easy Fitting - it is supplied with a back plate enabling you to fit the louvre opener using the existing holes on the majority of louvre vent systems. 
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Adequate Ventilation
 One of the most important aspects of greenhouse growing is having sufficient ventilation. Bayliss have designed their autovents take the guesswork out of this all important operation, ensuring accurate, continuous venting 24 hours a day. 
 This autovent works as it includes a strong metal tube that contains a mineral wax which expands with heat. This pushes a piston which opens the auto vent via a balanced linkage. As the temperature drops, the wax shrinks and a strong stainless steel spring closes the vent and resets the piston. 
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