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Battery Powered Garden Lighting

Quickly and easily create subtle or statement lighting schemes on your garden with our selection of battery powered lights.
The main benefit of battery powered lights compared to mains or solar powered lighting is the ease of use. There is no troublesome wiring required, no need for power sockets or direct sunlight - this means you can use these lights anywhere in your garden.

Because mains power is not required (so you don't need to pay a qualified electrician to install mains power and you aren't adding to your electricity bill) these battery powered lights are an affordable way to decorate your garden. To ensure batteries are not drained too quickly the lights we offer are either motion activated or have a built in timer so you don't end up lighting your garden all night and using more battery power than you need to.

Battery powered lights are also one of the safest outdoor lights available. There is no risk from a mains current, the lights run at an extremely low voltage and the LED bulbs don't generate any heat. In addition, as these lights require no wiring they are an ideal option for families with young children or pets as there are no wires to trip over!

The brightness of battery powered lights is affected by the number of batteries used to power the lights and the number of lights. The higher the number of batteries and the lower the number of lights, the brighter the lights will be - this is why the decorative string lights have 10 lights per string and are powered by three AA batteries which ensure the lights are beautifully bright.

  • Mega Porta-Light


    Simply slide open to activate. Can be used standing or hanging and even has a magnetic base so can be secured to any metalic surface. Size 5" x 3˝"...

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