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Aluminium Shelves

Aluminium Shelves are ideal for greenhouse environments as aluminium is not affected by damp atmospheres - so it won't rust or rot, is maintenance free and is extremely long lasting. We manufacture both Aluminium Shelves to fit to the walls of the greenhouse or shelves to hang from the greenhouse roof. Wall mounted shelves let you make use of the space above your staging without cutting too much light from the plants below. Hanging Shelves provide you with a useful central growing area, good for tender plants which need an even temperature away from the cold walls of the greenhouse.
Both types of shelves are available in two widths - 6 inch shelves for holding small pots or garden tools and 10 inch shelves which neatly accommodate full size seed trays. The design of the aluminium shelves makes them suitable for attaching to most makes of greenhouse - the shelves are not screwed to the brackets so will fit regardless of the distance between the glazing bars in your greenhouse.