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6' High Fruit & Vegetable Cages

These walk in Fruit and vegetable cages are ideal for the protection of any crop, from low growing vegetables right up to taller fruit bushes and trees, to name but a few.
Made from strong rot proof aluminium tubing interconnected with robust nylon joints, these stable but unobtrusive fruit and vegetable cages will protect your crops whilst blending in to your garden.
Available in plain aluminium finish or in a green powder coated finish with 19mm mesh anti bird netting and in a range of 24 useful sizes, along with a collection of enhancing accessories, these 1.83m, or 6ft high fruit and vegetable cages are a must if you are growing tasty crops.
Made to measure fruit and vegetable cages are also available please ring us on 01246 451077 for advice and a quotation.