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The Hybrid – A Palram Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Hybrid – A Palram Polycarbonate Greenhouse

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The Hybrid greenhouse from Palram is a cost-effective greenhouse ideal for the new gardener. Its smaller sizes are perfectly proportioned and stylish enough that you would be happy to have this greenhouse in sight of your house – positioned close to makes it easier to access whatever the weather!

Sturdy and Strong

The Hybrid greenhouses feature a highly durable, rust resistant, low maintenance, aluminium frame – available in plain silver or with a grey or green finish to suit its location.  This is complimented with virtually unbreakable, high impact, polycarbonate glazing.

Palram’s Polycarbonate . . . the tough and transparent polymer

Polycarbonate stands for a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. It earned its ‘transparent steel’ nickname from its unique combination of properties.

Polycarbonate’s very high impact resistance renders it virtually unbreakable. 

It is lightweight and can have a glass-like appearance, without its associated dangers.

These characteristics allow polycarbonate to be widely used in applications such as bullet resistant glazing and jet fighter canopies.

These Hybrid greenhouses are glazed with a combination of two types of polycarbonate glazing:

Polycarbonate’s properties also make it an excellent material for greenhouse glazing due to its high light transmission and weather resistance, even at a low thickness.

hybrid greenhouse

The roof panels are made using 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate – with the benefit of good insulation properties, helping to retain heat in the winter months. Twin wall polycarbonate also produces a diffused light – so for very sunny days this will help to protect your plants from potential scorching.

The wall panels are made using 0.7mm single wall polycarbonate – this has the benefit of being crystal clear, providing over 90% light transmission. So, for the duller days these side panels still allow maximum light to reach your plants.

Both the single and twin wall polycarbonate are 100% UV protected so the panels will not discolour, fracture or shatter over time.

Easy Assembly

Building a greenhouse can seem a daunting prospect, but with two people working together the Hybrid greenhouse should be able to be built and glazed in a day.

Unlike a glass glazed greenhouse, where care has to be taken when holding and fitting the glass panels, with polycarbonate panels you have the advantage of the glazing being lightweight and easy to handle.

If you dropped a pane during construction the worst that could happen is a dent, whilst glass would shatter and need to be replaced.

greenhouse assembly

With the Hybrid greenhouse you also have the benefit of a sliding assembly system – so when fitting the glazing it ‘slides’ into place and is held securely along its complete edge rather than having to fiddle to fit glazing clips (usually used to retain glass panels).  

Galvanised Steel Base As Standard

Unlike many greenhouses where you need to purchase a separate base or build your own base, the Hybrid greenhouses are supplied with a galvanised steel base as standard. This base will be supplied in a matching colour to suit the greenhouse frame.

greenhouse base plain hybrid base greenhouse base

Using this factory-made base means you are assured of a perfect fit. All you need to do is prepare an area within your garden for the greenhouse to be situated. To ensure a perfectly upright greenhouse it is important to take some time to make sure the area it is to be sited is completely flat.

Palram recommends preparing either a concrete or wooden deck as a base, although, if you prefer you can install the greenhouse on grass or soil. When preparing a solid base (wood or concrete) the base needs to be a minimum of 2” / 5cm larger than the dimensions of the galvanised steel base – this is to allow you to securely fix the galvanised base to the foundation using screws and plugs or masonry anchors (not supplied) without damaging the edge of the foundation. We often recommend that you have an area large enough to walk around the greenhouse so you are able to keep your greenhouse clean and in good repair over the years it will be in use. Or wide enough to site a water butt if required.  

Greenhouse Ventilation

All the Hybrid greenhouses are supplied as standard with one opening roof vent. It is important when choosing a greenhouse that it does have adequate ventilation and vents in the roof are the first place to start.

There are four main reasons that having ventilation in your greenhouse is important:

Firstly, it helps you to regulate the temperature within the greenhouse.

Secondly, it allows fresh air to enter the greenhouse which plants use during photosynthesis.

Thirdly, good ventilation will help to prevent pest infestations.

And finally, it will help with pollination within your greenhouse.

greenhouse roof vent

You can improve greenhouse ventilation by having a combination of roof vents in the roof of the greenhouse and louvre vents in the sides of the greenhouse.

greenhouse louvre window

The louvre can be fitted in the walls of the Hybrid greenhouse – one louvre will replace one polycarbonate panel. Once fitted the louvre will increase airflow and aide cooling during warmer days. 

As standard the louvre can be opened and closed manually – or if you prefer an automatic louvre opener can be fitted to open and close the louvre dependent on the temperature in the greenhouse.

Easy Access

For easy access the Hybrid greenhouse has a single hinged door, approx. 56.5cm / 22” wide x 163cm / 5’4” high.

 This door can be hinged to be a left or right hand opening door during the assembly of the greenhouse.

To keep the door closed it has a magnetic door catch.

For extra protection and safety it is possible to attach a padlock (not included) to the door handle. This is especially useful if your greenhouse is going to be at your allotment as it will help to deter people for entering your greenhouse when you're not there.

greenhouse door handle

Rainwater Collection Is Simple

Palram have designed their Hybrid greenhouses to include built in gutters along each side to help you collect the rainwater falling on your greenhouse. As gardeners we know how important it is to collect rainwater when we can – this natural, free resource not only makes watering your garden economical, and possible even when there is a hosepipe ban – it is also preferred by many plants to tap water.

With a wide range of water butts now available - in different sizes, shapes and colours - you're sure to find one which will be suitable to site by your Hybrid greenhouse. 

Thinking Of Buying A Hybrid Greenhouse?

To enable you to calculate which greenhouse you’ll be able to accommodate, we’ve got all the dimensions for each size of Hybrid. We’ve also got the instructions for you to look at so you can see how they are built.

If you need any further information prior to placing your order simply email us at or call us on 01246 451077 Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm or Saturday morning 8:30am – 12:00 noon.  

Palram Hybrid 4ft Long

Width: 6ft 1in / 185cm
Length: 4ft 1in / 125cm
Height to eaves: 4ft 1in / 124cm
Height to ridge: 6ft 10in / 208cm

Click here to see the instructions.

hybrid greenhouse 4ft long

Palram Hybrid 6ft Long

Width: 6ft 1in / 185cm
Length: 6ft 1in / 186cm
Height to eaves: 4ft 1in / 124cm
Height to ridge: 6ft 10in / 208cm

Click here to see the instructions.

hybrid greenhouse 6ft long

Palram Hybrid 8ft Long

Width: 6ft 1in / 185cm
Length: 8ft 1in / 247cm
Height to eaves: 4ft 1in / 124cm
Height to ridge: 6ft 10in / 208cm

Click here to see the instructions.

hybrid polycarbonate greenhouse 8ft long

Palram Hybrid 10ft Long

Width: 6ft 1in / 185cm
Length: 10ft / 305cm
Height to eaves: 4ft 1in / 124cm
Height to ridge: 6ft 10in / 208cm

Click here to see the instructions.

hybrid polycarbonate greenhouse 10ft long

Palram Hybrid 12ft Long

Width: 6ft 1in / 185cm
Length: 12ft 2in / 370cm
Height to eaves: 4ft 1in / 124cm
Height to ridge: 6ft 10in / 208cm

Click here to see the instructions.

hybrid polycabonate greenhouse 12ft long

Palram Hybrid 14ft Long

Width: 6ft 1in / 185cm
Length: 14ft / 426cm
Height to eaves: 4ft 1in / 124cm
Height to ridge: 6ft 10in / 208cm

Click here to see the instructions.

hybrid greenhouse 14ft long


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