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Greenhouse Shade Blinds . . . protecting plants from hot sun

Greenhouse Shade Blinds . . . protecting plants from hot sun

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During the summer months it’s important that you protect your greenhouse plants from the effects of strong sunlight and one of the best ways to do this is to use these Shade Blinds.

Made from a dark grey, hard wearing, UV protected synthetic material which will provide 60% shade value, these greenhouse blinds will not only protect your plants from being scorched by strong sunlight they will also help to reduce the amount of heat from the sun entering your greenhouse – you’d be surprised at how hot your greenhouse can get on a sunny day – the temperature can be between 10 to 20 degrees higher in your greenhouse than in your garden!!

These shade blinds have been designed to be fitted to the interior of your greenhouse – this means they will not be affected by the outside elements, making them last longer, making them easier to fit and simple to adjust to suit the strength of the sunshine.

Suitable for use in any greenhouse with 2ft (610mm) wide glazing panes, whether glazed with glass, toughened glass or polycarbonate (as long as the glazing has a smooth surface), universal suction pads are used to secure the blinds at the top and bottom.

Eden Greenhouse Blinds Suction Pad

As rubber suction pads are used to retain the greenhouse blinds, they are quick and easy to fit to your greenhouse, be moved around your greenhouse or removed for simple storage.

Each blind uses four suction pads – two top and two bottom – to securely hold the blinds in place. Simple screws fix the suctions pads to the main body of the blind and they are then ready to stick in place on the greenhouse glazing.

Top Tip

To ensure the blinds will remain in place when fixed to your greenhouse glazing, it’s important that the suction pads are fixed flush and secure to the surface of the glazing. We always recommend that you clean greenhouse glazing prior to fixing the pads – and a simple, tried and tested cleaning hack works the best!

A simple mix of one part white vinegar and to four parts warm water makes a traditional, effective, cheap, natural cleaner. Apply to the greenhouse glazing using a spray bottle, being careful not to get the mix on any plants. Then use a scrunched up ball of newspaper to rub the greenhouse glazing in a circular motion to loosen are dirt from the surface. Then work horizontally and vertically to make sure there are no streaks and all the cleaning liquid has been absorbed into the newspaper.

The glazing should then be clean and ready for you to fix the suction pads in place.     

At just over 6ft long (approx. 1.9 metres) each blind can be used to cover a wide area – in most cases you would fit the top of the blind close to the ridge of the greenhouse and then unroll the blind down to the eaves of the greenhouse onto the straight side of the greenhouse.

To fit the blind neatly in place past the eaves of the greenhouse we have designed some Spare Rails which you can fix to your greenhouse to keep the material of the blind flush with the greenhouse glazing as the blinds goes from the sloping roof panes to the straight sides.  Spare Rail For Greenhouse Blinds

Once the weather turns during the autumn months it’s easy to remove the suction pads from the greenhouse glazing and store the blinds neatly stored away until needed again the following year. When it’s time to re-apply the suction pads the following year, simply put the pads into a bowl of boiling water until they get back to their original shape and are ready to fix – when they will stay securely in place.

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