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Easy Fleece Plant Jackets . . . Instant Plant Protection

Easy Fleece Plant Jackets . . . Instant Plant Protection

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“The warm south wind is taking a nap.
Zip up your coat and put on your hat.
So Mr. North Wind won’t nip at your toes,
Put on warm boots and warm winter clothes.
Put on your gloves to protect your fingers.
Now Mr. North Wind’s cold won’t linger.”

A Warm Winter Jacket . . .

We all like a warm winter coat when the weather gets cooler, and your plants are no exception. So why not treat your plants to a thick and fleecy winter jacket with one of the Easy Fleece Plant Jackets?

Made from high grade, 35gsm polypropylene fleece, they will keep your plants protected from harsh weather and pests. However, they allow your plants to continue to grow as the fleece lets through light and moisture needed to maintain healthy plant growth.

Easy Fleece Jacket

Easy Fleece Jacket protecting container plants from harsh weather

Grab A Bargain . . .

We all like a bargain and these Easy Fleece Jackets are an exceptionally good price – from just £7.49 for a pack of 4 (so less than £1.88 each) - so you can look after your plants and at the same time look after your pennies!

For those milder days, we also have a great selection of cold frame kits to protect your plants from the inclement weather. These are especially useful if you have a lot of plants and you don’t want to buy fleeces for all of them, as you can ensure your seed trays are protected from the cold with one kit.

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