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Canopia Greenhouses by Palram the industry leader in polycarbonate

Canopia Greenhouses by Palram the industry leader in polycarbonate

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Canopia Greenhouses ... making the best of polycarbonate glazing 

All of the Canopia Greenhouses by Palram combine aluminium frames with polycarbonate panels.

Polycarbonate is an extremely high-end plastic that is virtually unbreakable and extremely weather resistant – it is so strong that it has been referred to as ‘transparent steel’.

Palram has been manufacturing their high-quality polycarbonate panels for over thirty years. They only use high-grade polycarbonate in the manufacturing process and embed a UV protective layer to minimise discolouration and brittleness over time.

To make the best use of their polycarbonate panels they have designed the heavy-duty aluminium frames of their greenhouses so that the glazing panels slide securely into the frame without the need for clips to be used to hold the glazing in place. This not only makes glazing the greenhouse simpler, it also ensures that the polycarbonate panels are held securely in place all along their edge.

Canopia Greenhouses . . . proud to offer three glazing options

As the industry leader in polycarbonate Canopia use three different types of polycarbonate during the design and production of their extensive greenhouse range:

  • single layer polycarbonate greenhouses
  • double / multi layer polycarbonate greenhouses
  • hybrid greenhouses.

Canopia Harmony Greenhouse    Canopia Glory Greenhouse   Canopia Harmony Greenhouse

When selecting your greenhouse you should consider the benefits of each glazing type to help you make the correct choice.

Single Layer Polycarbonate Glazed Greenhouses

For maximum sun exposure and to see more clearly into your greenhouse then you should choose a greenhouse with single layer polycarbonate glazing. Canopia greenhouses which use this type of glazing include:

  • Plant Inn
  • Lean To 4x2 Grow House
  • Harmony
  • Octave. 

Octave 8ft x 12ft Greenhouse

Combining a sturdy, rust-resistant, reinforced aluminium frame and crystal-clear, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels it protects your plants from harsh weather whilst allowing in maximum light.

Its large size will provide plenty of growing room together with sufficient space for storing tools and supplies.

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Octave Greenhouse from Canopia 

Double / Multi Layer Polycarbonate Glazed Greenhouses

Multi layer polycarbonate glazing gives a softer, diffused light, dispersing the light more evenly helping to reduce scorching in the height of summer and encouraging healthy plant growth. Canopia offer a wide selection of greenhouses with this type of glazing including:

  • Mythos
  • Bella
  • Glory
  • Octave. 

Canopia Bella Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Bella Greenhouse

A beautiful, practical 8ft wide greenhouse that features virtually unbreakable twin-wall polycarbonate panels to create an ideal combination of sunlight diffusion, heat insulation and maximum safety.

Their bell shape was specifically designed to improve wind resistance and allow snow to easily slide off.

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Hybrid Greenhouses

Combining both multi layer polycarbonate for the roof panels and single layer polycarbonate for the wall panels Canopia has created these greenhouses with hybrid glazing letting you gain benefits from both types. You’ll find this type of glazing being used in the following Canopia models:

  • Lean To 8x4 Grow House
  • Hybrid
  • Balance
  • Oasis
  • Hexagonal
  • Victory Orangery. 

Oasis Hexagonal 8ft Greenhouse

With an elegant hexagonal design, this greenhouse has twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and crystal-clear single wall polycarbonate panels in the sides.

This glazing provides a well-balanced exposure to light helping to create a generous growing area where your plants should thrive.

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Oasis Hexagonal Greenhouse from Canopia


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