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New Greenhouse Supplies

Our range of Greenhouses, Greenhouse Equipment and Gardening sundries is ever expanding, here we aim to keep you up to date with all the new products we have added within the last season. many are based on traditional, tried and tested gardening gadgets brought up to date with modern materials and design.

Pair of Modular Shelf Brackets
Wall mounting shelf brackets as used in our Wall Mounted Modular Shelf packs.
Strong aluminium brackets, sold in pairs, designed to be bolted direct to greenhouse glazing channels using the special cropped bolts and nuts provided.
These brackets can also be fitted to timber and brick using normal screws (not provided) if required and allow you to fit your own shelf surface so you have complete flexibilty.

Wall Mounted Modular Shelves
These Wall Mounted Modular Shelves have been designed, by us, so that you can make best use of all the available space within your greenhouse.
Each shelf is made to fit within one 2ft section of a standard greenhouse, meaning these shelves can be fitted end to end to completely fill the length or width of your greenhouse.
Alternatively, you can set them one above the other at any height you like, in fact they are so versatile you can put them in almost any configuration you desire.
With a choice of either timber slatted surface, great for good air circulation and light transmission, or aluminium tray surface ideal for seed trays and pots to be placed on, coupled with water matting to aid watering.

Boot Clamp
This sturdy, easy-fit Boot Clamp has been designed to use with your wellington boots. Simply clamp over the top of a pair of boots and they create a handle for easy transport, provide a handle from which the boots can be hung neatly away and help to stop spiders, slugs, mice etc from climbing inside!
Easy Seedling Tunnel Pack of 3
These Easy Seedling Tunnels have been designed to help you create a cosy, moist microclimate for germination and rapid seedling growth. These sturdy tunnels have galvanised steel hoops covered with a tough UV stabilised polythene which traps in moisture, helps warm up soil prior to sowing band protects plants from harsh weather and pests.
Whitefly Killer
This Whitefly Killer works by physical contact. Simply mix with water and use a fine sprayer to target insects, taking care to spray undersides of leaves where whitefly hide.
Potato Pots
SPECIAL OFFER Multipack Available.
These Potato Pots are designed to let you easily pick new potatoes week after week without affecting the growth of the plant. Simply plant three seed potatoes in multi-purpose compost in the inner pot. From that point on you can monitor growth by lifting-up the inner pot out of the outer pot. This also means you can harvest with ease.
Special Offer Set
Order one Potato Pot for £7.99.
Or Buy three Potato Pots for £21.99, saving £1.98!

Solo Garland Propagator
This Solo Propagator from Garland is a top of the range electric propagator, combining an XL high dome with seed tray, heated base and accurate digital thermostat. Designed for the keen gardener looking to grow a wide range of seeds or cuttings when accurate temperature control is required.
Duo Garland Propagator
Designed for the keen gardener who wants to raise a large number of plants from seeds or cuttings this Duo Propagator from Garland is ideal. A top of the range electric propagator it combines two XL high dome covers with seed trays, a watertight heated base and accurate, easy-to-set digital thermostat.
Special Offer Professional Potting Bench Plus Top Cover
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This special offer set combines our bestselling Professional Potting Bench with its' specially designed Top Cover. These enable you to create a large, professional space dedicated for seed sowing and potting up. We designed the top cover to fit snuggly over the top work area of the bench, keeping compost dry and creating extra growing space when your greenhouse or polytunnel is bursting at the seams!
SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE buy this set and you will SAVE £4.90 on purchasing the items separately.

Huge Cloche
With over 18sq ft of growing space this Huge Cloche is ideal for raising seedlings and young plants as well as overwintering plants in the colder months. Perfect for use in your garden, it could also be used in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Its strong steel frame and reinforced cover creates a sturdy cloche that can be used all year round.
Spare Cover For Huge Cloche
This heavy duty Replacement Cover For Huge Cloche is specially shaped to fit over the frame of the Huge Cloche.
Commercial Bench Plunge Surround
Turn your commercial bench into a heavy-duty plunge or propagating bench by adding this 6" deep plunge surround.
Adding this surround allows you to fill the void with a medium such as coarse horticultural grit sand for the plunging of clay pots, ideal for growing alpines or allowing you to bury a soil warming cable to create a propagation bench.
Alternatively line the surround with an underlay and pond liner to create a specialist water holding bench for the growing of bog and carnivorous plants.

Digital Weather Station
This Digital Weather Station is perfect for any gardener . . . or anyone who loves a gadget ! It displays all the information you'll need to decide whether it's going to be a day spent in the garden or tucked up indoors planning your next project.
Potting Trowel
This stainless steel, deep dish Potting Trowel is ideal for filling pots, troughs and hanging baskets with soil. Its deep head enables you to scoop up large amounts of soil or compost, so reducing the time it takes to fill containers.
Clip Twist Plant Wire
This Clip Twist Plant Wire is a durable plastic coated wire manufactured for general purpose use in the home, greenhouse and garden. Supplied as a 30m coil with integral cutter, it's simple to cut the length you need and use as required.
2 in 1 Tool Sharpener
This 2 in 1 Tool Sharpener combines two types of sharpener in one handy, pocket sized tool. For heavy or damaged steel tools use the tungsten block which is an aggressive sharpener to restore a sharp edge to your tools. For finer blades and for finishing off the diamond sharpener is perfect. For easy use the diamond sharpener slots inside the handle of the tungsten block.
Perennial Shears
The Perennial Shear is a delight to use and is ideal for so many tasks around the garden and greenhouse, you will wonder how you ever managed without it! At only 300g these shears and both lightweight and well balanced. Their high carbon steel blades are hollowed out to offer minimal friction for a precise cutting edge. The spring in the shears is soft enough to provide an effortless cutting action, allowing for prolonged use without wrist ache.
Bio Green Warmax Mini Paraffin Heater
This Bio Green Warmax Mini Paraffin Heater is ideal for heating a small area in a greenhouse or to help propagation in a cold frame.
Cockerel Weather Vane
This decorative Cockerel Weather Vane enables you to easily see the wind direction. The revolving pointer shows the wind direction, whilst the north, south, east and west directions are fixed in place. It can be either wall or roof mounted and is made from durable powder-coated steel for years of use.
Horse Weather Vane
Keep track of the way the wind blows with this decorative Horse Weather Vane. With north, south, east and west directions fixed in place the revolving pointer shows the wind direction. It can be either wall or roof mounted and is made from durable powder-coated steel for years of use.
Access Midi Growhouse
This NEW Access Midi Growhouse provides a versatile growing space, with plenty of height for taller crops. It comes complete with two adjustable seed tray shelves which will hold up to ten seed trays or can be removed in the Summer to provide more growing space. It's large enough to accommodate a growbag, making it ideal for raising bush tomatoes.
1' 6" High x 8' Wide Fruit & Vegetable Cage
Keep low crops, such as strawberry's, protected with these sturdy 1'6" High Fruit & Vegetable Cages.
These unique low height cages come complete with hinged, lift up top lids for ease of access, making tending and collecting your crops simple and hassle free. Constructed from ¾" (19mm) diameter rot proof aluminium tube to form the uprights and horizontal top rails with strong nylon joints securley forming the connections. The uprights are pushed 6" (15cm) into the ground, leaving 18" (46cm) above ground to protect crops. Coming with a choice of netting to protect your crops from birds or even butterfly's.

Access Herb And Salad Cloche Planter
This Access Herb And Salad Cloche Planter has been designed to provide an efficient growing area for raising your own herbs and salad crops. The cloche comes with its own timber base which provides sufficient space for healthy root growth and makes it easy for you to place the cloche on a patio or other hard surface if required. By protecting your crops from the great British weather this cloche enables you to produce earlier crops - and if the right varieties are chosen you could grow all year round!
Access Growhouse
Designed to stand on a patio, gravel or soil, these Access Growhouses will provide you with loads of protected growing space. Available in three different lengths their 4'11" height makes them perfect when growing tall plants such as tomatoes, whilst pots and seed trays are easily accommodated on the shelves provided. For maximum flexibility the shelves included can be folded flat against the back of the Growhouse when not required whilst the sliding glass panels on the front and roof of the Growhouses slide for easy access and superb ventilation. The Growhouses are also available with a deluxe upgrade which includes more shelving and a built in misting system to make watering simple.
Shilton Propane Gas Heater
The Shilton range of greenhouse heaters have been warming greenhouses for more than 25 years and as a result have bocome a household name with gardeners.
These propane gas heaters come in three sizes, having outputs of 1.5kw, 3kw and 6kw and are perfectly capable of providing heat for a greenhouses from 60 sq ft. in size right up to 350 sq ft.
The heaters are intially lit with the simple push of a button, and being thermostatically controlled means the heater will automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the desired temperature set by you, saving you gas and money!

Forest Garden Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse
This Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse manufactured by Forest Garden is a versatile, compact greenhouse ideal for gardens where space is at a premium. For use all year round, this greenhouse provides you with masses of protected space enabling you to grow a wide variety of plants, sow seeds earlier and protect tender plants through the winter months. The beautiful, classic Victorian style of this greenhouse will look good in any garden, whether left as the natural timber it is supplied as or if you stain or paint the frame to suit your exact requirements.
Access Half Growhouse
These Access Half Growhouses have been designed to stand anywhere in your garden - on gravel, paving or directly on soil. Glass on all sides, including the back, ensures maximum light reaches your plants from all around. Sliding doors on the front and the roof provide superb ventilation whilst height adjustable seed tray shelves can be removed when growing taller summer crops.
Access Wall Garden Value Two Tier
Access have designed their Access Value Wall Garden to be an excellent quality frame at a very keen price. The framework is made from architectural grade aluminium with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee. This frame is then glazed with 3mm horticultural glass which has been toughened for safety. To make best use of the protected space adjustable shelves are supplied as standard - 4 shelves with the 4'0" model and 6 shelves with the longer lengths.
Digital Day & Night Thermostat with Timer
This digital thermostat has the facility for the setting of seperate daytime and nighttime temperatures, on two individual appliances. This is ideal for controling propagators, heat mats and heated trays where plants need a lower nightime temperature during their 'rest' period when it is dark.
This dual mode thermostat can also be used to control cooling fans as it can be switched between 'heat mode' or 'cooling mode'.
NB. Maximum total loading of this thermostat must not exceed 600 watts.
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