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Greenhouse Fans

Air circulation in your greenhouse is critical if you want your plants to remain healthy. When air is stagnant, humidity builds up, plant diseases thrive (such as mildew) and plant stems don't become as strong as they do when air movement is more vigorous. A combination of fans and greenhouse vents will both help to main healthy air circulation.

Air Circulation Fan
Air movement in the greenhouse is important all year round to reduce the risk of plant disease and damping-off.
This 20 watt electrically operated Air Circulation Fan generates very gentle air movement which is all that is needed to disperse stagnant air pockets, without causing a draught.

Air Blower
This powerful electric Air BLower will enable good air circulation, useful both in Summer and Winter.
In summer it will help to combat excessive temeratures, whilst in winter good air circulation is essential for the prevention of diseaeses, such as 'damping off'.

Solar Powered Extractor Fan
Reduce heat and condensation in your greenhouse or conservatory with this Solar Powered Extractor fan.
Powered by the sun it automatically removes air when it's hot and having no wire makes it easy to install.

Thermostatic Extractor Fan
Increase the ventilation in your greenhouse or conservatory by installing this powerful Thermostatically Controlled Extractor Fan to automatically remove the hot air from your greenhouse when it reaches the temperature you set on the thermostat.
Extractor Fan Only
Extracting air from your greenhouse is very important in the Summer months when temperatures rise and heat builds up.
Simply fit the powerful Extractor Fanwithin your greenhouse, plug in, switch on and the fan will draw the hot air out of your greenhouse, thus safeguarding your plants.
By using the extractor fan at the same time as having the door or windows open, air will be circulated throughout your greenhouse for a healthier growing environment.

Phoenix Fan Heater
This fully thermosatically controlled Phoenix fan heater from Bio Green has been professionally designed to give accurate temperature control and maximise air flow.
Its multi-functional settings offer a full range of heat and fan only options making it ideal for use in the greenhouse or conservatory.
Complete with manufacturers 3 year warranty

Bio Green Palma Greenhouse Heater
These Bio Green Palma Electric Fan Heaters are robust and compact, yet powerful.
These 2kw electric greenhouse heaters are designed to be used in a damp environments being IPX4 rated they are splash proof from all directions and are ideal for use in cellars, garages, workshops and warehouses as well as in greenhouses. Both these Palma greenhouse heaters come with a 2 year warranty.
Their stylish housings are made from stainless steel and impact resistant plastics, they are designed to be floor standing and have slip resistant rubber feet as well as a usefull carrying handle, so can be used almost anywhere.
Available in two versions, Standard - Palma Basic supplied with a built in capillary thermostat, or Digital - Palma Digital supplied with an additional electronic digital remote thermostat for instant switching accurate temperature control.

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