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Greenhouse Air Blower

An Air Blower in your greenhouse moves the air around ensuring there are no hotspots within the greenhouse. Air Blowers in combination with open roof vents or louvre windows will help to draw air in from the outside of the greenhouse. Good ventilation in your greenhouse will ensure the air is clean and excess moisture is removed helping to reduce pest problems. Whilst the air is circulating throughout your greenhouse pollen will be lifted from plant to plant so helping in pollination.

Air Blower
This powerful electric Air BLower will enable good air circulation, useful both in Summer and Winter.
In summer it will help to combat excessive temeratures, whilst in winter good air circulation is essential for the prevention of diseaeses, such as 'damping off'.

Air Circulation Fan
Air movement in the greenhouse is important all year round to reduce the risk of plant disease and damping-off.
This 20 watt electrically operated Air Circulation Fan generates very gentle air movement which is all that is needed to disperse stagnant air pockets, without causing a draught.

Solar Powered Extractor Fan
Reduce heat and condensation in your greenhouse or conservatory with this Solar Powered Extractor fan.
Powered by the sun it automatically removes air when it's hot and having no wire makes it easy to install.

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