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Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouse Ventilation is achieved with a combination of roof vents, louvre vents, greenhouse door and fans. Excellent ventilation is essential if your greenhouse crops are to thrive. Greenhouse Ventilation controls both the temperature and humidity of the air in the greenhouse - both of which are essential factors when it comes to healthy plant growth and bumper crops. Basically you need cool air to be drawn into the greenhouse and hot air to be driven out. This can be achieved by the installation of sufficient vents - such as louvre vents and roof vents - ideally fitted with automatic openers, together with the use of greenhouse fans. If you intend to grow in your greenhouse all year round then consider fitting an extractor fan in the greenhouse. Extractor fans are designed to completely replace the air in a greenhouse every few minutes even on the hottest days. Attached to a thermostat, the fan will run automatically. Remember that it is always better to over ventilate your greenhouse than under ventilate it.

Automatic Opener
Automatic Openers for roof vents are a must and are also available for fitting to louvre vents. Automatic openers overcome the problems of rapid changes in weather conditions - they react to the heat, so that vents are opened when temperatures increase, without you having to be there. The best known automatic vent openers on the market are Bayliss Autovents which have been manufactured for over 40 years. These automatic openers can be used on both wooden or aluminium greenhouses. Fitting automatic openers to roof vents and louvre windows means that you don't have to try to predict the weather conditions - these automatic openers simply react to the temperature, opening vents when temperatures increase and closing them when temperatures fall.
Air Blower
An Air Blower in your greenhouse moves the air around ensuring there are no hotspots within the greenhouse. Air Blowers in combination with open roof vents or louvre windows will help to draw air in from the outside of the greenhouse. Good ventilation in your greenhouse will ensure the air is clean and excess moisture is removed helping to reduce pest problems. Whilst the air is circulating throughout your greenhouse pollen will be lifted from plant to plant so helping in pollination.
Aluminium Louvres
Louvre windows are particularly easy to install into existing greenhouses and can be fitted with an automatic opener for reliable operation. Ideally use louvre windows as low level ventilation by adding louvers low down in the sides of your greenhouse or in the back of the greenhouse. A louvre window placed in the back wall of the greenhouse, opposite the door, will help to draw air through the greenhouse, from one end to the other. Alternatively position the louvre windows to suit the main crops which you grow - for example, if you grow tomatoes every year than fit louvers where they will be grown, so that fresh air can be drawn around the dense foliage.
Extractor Fan
An extractor fan is designed to suck the hot air from your greenhouse, so allowing room for cooler air to enter the greenhouse. When selecting an extractor fan look at how much air it will expel per hour - for example if your fan will extract 400 cubic metres of air per hour than the air within an 8' x 12' greenhouse will be replaced every 3ó minutes. The best place to fit an extractor fan is in the roof of the greenhouse opposite the door as this is likely to be the place where the greatest amount of hot, stale air will collect. Ideally if the extractor fan can be controlled to react to the temperature in your greenhouse - so a fan controlled by a thermostat - the fan will only work when temperatures increase in the greenhouse.
Greenhouse Fan
Air circulation in your greenhouse is critical if you want your plants to remain healthy. When air is stagnant, humidity builds up, plant diseases thrive (such as mildew) and plant stems don't become as strong as they do when air movement is more vigorous. A combination of fans and greenhouse vents will both help to main healthy air circulation.
Greenhouse Windows
The main function of a greenhouse roof vent or window is to allow the very hot air that rises into the roof space in your greenhouse to escape. So it is important that you have sufficient roof windows in your greenhouse for its size. However, it is a combination of roof windows and louvre windows that will improve air circulation in your greenhouse.
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