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Watering Systems

Watering is essential for healthy growth, but when your plants are residing in a greenhouse, polytunnel or home, then it is essential that you are able to supply them with the correct amount of water to keep them healthy. It is also important to note that plants need the correct amount of water - as many plants are killed by over watering as under watering, especially in the greenhouse and home.

We stock a wide range of greenhouse watering systems for use in a greenhouse or polytunnel, all designed to provide your plants with water as and when they require it with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. We stock a huge range of greenhouse watering equipment for manual and automatic watering of plants, the ones featured in this section are all of our own design and manufacture, and as such have all been tested and proved to promote healthy plant growth.

Self Watering Trays
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Packs Available.
These Self-Watering Trays have been developed to enable simple, efficient automatic watering of house plants, bedding plants, seedlings etc - plants look after themselves !
By just standing them on the trays & they take up water as and when they need it from the reservoir below - no more over watering! These self watering trays, from full, can last up to two weeks, so giving simple holiday watering cover.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE up to £7.50 against purchasing two single units.

Overhead Spray Kit for 10ft Wide Greenhouses
Automatically water your plants with ease by installing one of our Overhead Spray Kits. By generally spraying throughout the greenhouse or poly tunnel you will help to promote healthy plant growth by providing water to both the base of the plants and their foliage.

Overhead Spray Kit for 15ft Wide Greenhouses
An automatic watering system for plants in your greenhouse or polytunnel. These Overhead Spray Kits have been designed to fit within wider greenhouses or tunnels as they can water areas up to 15ft (4.5m) wide. They create a general spray of water within the area so your plants benefit from water around their base and on their foliage.

Deluxe Misting Kit
By installing one of our high quality Deluxe Misting Kits in your greenhouse or polythene tunnel you will by able to easily and efficiently create a fine, even mist of water, ideal when propagating seedlings and cuttings.

Water Reservoir
Our Water Reservoir is designed to simply be hooked or attached to the side or end of benches and shelves to enable easy watering of plants on capillary matting.

Automatic Water Reservoir
Reliable, constant watering can be achieved on benches or shelves by installing an Automatic Water Reservoir.

Mains Reservoir Tank
This Mains Reservoir Tank has been designed to reduce and steady the pressure of mains water to provide a suitable and continuous supply for running a ¼" drip system.

STAND - for Drip System Tank
Rubust,totally rust and rot free aluminium stand to raise your Drip System Tank off the ground to a height that will let your tank drip system work efficiently.
Tank Drip Watering Kits
These huge capacity Tank Drip Watering Kits will keep your thirsty plants well watered whilst your at work or on holiday. They give a steady dripped delivery of water which is just what your plants want to help them thrive and produce top quality crops.
Really straight forward to set up and with any layout able to be catered for (with all components available to purchase as additions to extend the kits to your exact design), these drip watering kits are very efficient allowing your plants to be automatically watered for days.
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