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Potting Benches

A purpose built Potting Bench provides you with a tidy, practical area where you can carry out your potting up and take cuttings with ease. Potting Benches are designed to provide a space for you to keep your small potting up tools close at hand - a shelf is often provided where you can store plant labels, pens, dibbers and tampers etc. A Potting Bench usually has a work surface large enough for you to tip compost - with sides and back containing the compost in one place so preventing messy compost spillage.
This range of our own Potting Up Equipment has been designed and manufactured here in our Derbyshire workshop. All benches are made from long-lasting, rust and rot proof aluminium providing you with a potting area that will last a life-time. We've taken into consideration the needs of the gardener who can spend hours potting up, planting seeds and taking cuttings. We've made our Potting Benches to a comfortable working height - but if you did want the bench made to a specific height we can do this for you - simply let us know which height you require and we'll quote by return.

Professional Potting Bench
This Professional Potting Bench manufactured by Two Wests has been designed to give dedicated growers the best place to work at as they plant seeds and pot up young plants. This strong aluminium bench makes it easy and efficient for you to work with your plants in your greenhouse, polytunnel, garden shed or even outdoors.

Top Cover for Professional Potting Bench
Make your Two Wests Professional Potting Bench even more useful with this sturdy cover for the whole of the top potting area. This top cover turns your potting bench into a normal flat topped greenhouse work bench, ideal in peak growing times when every bit of greenhouse bench space is at a premium.
Alternatively if you are, or would like to, use your professional potting bench outside, or it is in a greenhouse with a sprinkler system, then this top plate acts as a rain cover preventing the plastic tray from filling with water should it rain or the sprinkler system be activated.

Potting Bench
After propagation has been successful, then comes the time consuming job of pricking out followed by regular re-potting. For this purpose we designed a custom-built aluminium Potting Bench. Being manufactured in all aluminium this garden potting bench is equally at home being left out doors as it is in a greenhouse or potting shed, it will never rust or rot.

Special offer discounted set available - please see the Potting Bench Set

Potting Bench Shelf
Add this high level Potting Shelf to your Potting Bench to create a truly professional potting area. It's surprising how invaluable this little shelf will prove - you can keep everything close to hand which makes 'pricking-out' & 'potting-on' easier!

Potting Bench Side Table
Designed to fit neatly by the side of your Potting Bench this aluminium Side Table will give plenty of extra space for working, storage or growing.

Potting Bench Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create a truly professional potting area in your greenhouse or shed with this high quality set of aluminium Potting Bench, Shelf & Side Table.
This discounted special offer set will allow you to work in comfort and store all your potting up essentials close to hand - a 'must have' set for any busy gardener.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy this set and you will SAVE £8.40 on purchasing the items separately.

Potting Table
This aluminium Potting Table has been specially designed to neatly carry the Potting Tidy, although it is just as usefull without. With an open front for sitting at, and the extensions to either side, there's plenty of room for your legs and plenty of space to work at !
The more thoughtful design given to the 'wings' at either side of the main body set this Potting Table up as a class leader.

Potting Station with all plastic accessories
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
For serious 'seed sowers' sit down & enjoy your gardening with this complete Potting Station.
This complete potting unit is an essential piece of greenhouse gardening euipment for any gardener who spends time potting up, the unit is at desk height so sitting at it is comfortable, whilst all the accessories make light work of the task at hand.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.40 on purchasing the items separately.

Potting Tray
Where space is limited this sturdy aluminium Garden Potting Tray can stand on top of an existing bench & provide a contained area for 'potting-up' & 'pricking-out'. Designed to keep compost contained, the 2" (5cm) front lip prevents compost spilling onto the floor - potting-up used to be a very messy job, not any more !

Grow Bag Support
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
'Really Useful...........Two Products in One'
When not in use as a Grow Bag Support, remove the tray, turn the framework upside down, put the tray on the top & you have an excellent staging or work area !

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £9.00 against purchasing two single units.

Foot Plates (1 Pair)
Stop sinkage when standing your greenhouse staging or benching on to soft ground with these strong aluminium Foot Plates.

Special Offer Professional Potting Bench Plus Top Cover
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This special offer set combines our bestselling Professional Potting Bench with its' specially designed Top Cover. These enable you to create a large, professional space dedicated for seed sowing and potting up. We designed the top cover to fit snuggly over the top work area of the bench, keeping compost dry and creating extra growing space when your greenhouse or polytunnel is bursting at the seams!
SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE buy this set and you will SAVE £4.90 on purchasing the items separately.

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