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Greenhouse Benches

Greenhouse Benching - also known as Greenhouse Staging - has been manufactured here on our Derbyshire premises for over 37 years. We have designed all our greenhouse staging to make it easy for you to turn your greenhouse into a well equipped area for growth and display. All our greenhouse benching is made from aluminium, making it long-lasting, maintenance free and being rust and rot proof the staging is ideal for use in humid greenhouse conditions. Our aluminium greenhouse staging is available in a huge range of types, sizes, lengths and widths - but if one of our standard sizes doesn't suit your exact requirements, we can make our aluminium staging to any size you like. Some of our aluminium benches are available with either aluminium trays or aluminium slats forming the surface of the staging, truly making our greenhouse benching and staging the equipment for all seasons.

Single Tier Standard Up Staging
This range of Single Tier Up-Staging is the ideal greenhouse staging for a new gardener.
You can begin with a single tier staging and with only minimum effort add the lower tier at a later date to increase your greenhouse staging to two levels. As the greenhouse begins to overflow with plants during spring, you could also consider increasing the staging further by adding an 'extra tier'.

Two Tier Standard Up Staging
This versatile Two Tier Up-Staging will allow you to make best use of space in your greenhouse, with its lower tier providing storage or growing space.

Standard Extra Tier
Make the most of your greenhouse space and increase your staging area by adding a Standard Extra Tier to our Standard Up-Staging. This adds another layer to your Two West greenhouse staging, it can either run the full length or just a few sections, the choice is yours.
The extra tier MUST be the same width (depth) as your chosen bench.

Deluxe Two Tier Up Staging
Our range of Deluxe Two Tier Up-Staging has a smart 'powder coated' green finish which both improves the appearance of the greenhouse staging and also makes it easier to keep clean - the high gloss powder coating provides a smooth wipe clean surface to the greenhouse bench.

Deluxe Single Tier Up Staging
With a smart 'powder coated' green finish our range of Single Tier Deluxe Up-Staging not only looks good in a green greenhouse, but also makes the staging easier to keep clean - providing a smooth wipe clean surface to the staging.

Deluxe Extra Tier
Make the most of your greenhouse space and increase the holding capacity of your Deluxe Up-Staging by adding a Deluxe Extra Tier.

Commercial Bench - Single Tier
At 30" (75cm) high this Single Tier greenhouse Commercial Benching allows plenty of room for storage below the staging and is ideal for carrying heavy loads such as cacti and propagators.

Commercial Bench - Two Tier
Suitable for larger greenhouses this Two Tier Commercial Benching will carry heavy loads such as cacti, propagators etc. and its very strong lower level provides ample storage and growing area.

Aluminium Gravel Trays
Strong, low maintenance, long lasting Aluminium Gravel Trays suitable for use on a wide range of greenhouse staging and benching.

Gravel Tray for More Staging
Strong, high quality, Aluminium Gravel Trays designed to fit within our More-Staging or on top of any type of greenhouse staging and benching.

Compact Staging
Strong, high quality, narrow - free-standing aluminium staging or shelving.
The Compact Staging is designed to hold as many standard seed trays as possible to create instant extra growing space in your greenhouse, wether it be floor mounted or sat upon existing staging or benching.

Standard Modular Staging
Money Saving Packs Available
Superior aluminium staging for greenhouses, conservatories, sheds or even outdoors, the design of this Standard Modular Staging uses minimum components to create a very rigid, stable structure. Using few components makes assembling and dismantling easy and also enables you to easily add to the staging as your needs increase.

SPECIAL OFFER - Discounted Packs Available -
4' Pack - Save £5.55.
6' Pack - Save £11.30.
8' Pack - Save £20.05.

Deluxe Modular Staging
Money Saving Packs Available
A superior range of strong, aluminium greenhouse staging our Deluxe Modular Staging has a smart, hardwearing green powder coated finish making it ideal for use in up-market greenhouses or conservatories. Not only improving the appearance of the staging the powder coating also produces a smooth, wipe clean surface enabling you to easily keep the staging in pristine condition.

Its unique design allows a multitude of various configurations tailorable to your exact situation.
(see the learn more tab for details)

SPECIAL OFFER - Discounted Packs Available -
4' Pack - Save £6.90.
6' Pack - Save £13.85.
8' Pack - Save £22.80.

Seed Tray Rack
Lots of seedlings and plants can be accommodated on these multi-level Seed Tray Racks, specially designed to make maximum use of limited space.

Stepped Display Staging
Specially designed to allow you to create spectacular displays with your plants whilst allowing easy access for watering & plant care, our Stepped Display Plant Staging is available in a wide range of sizes & is ideal for use in conservatories, greenhouses or even outdoors.

Versatile Shelving 3' High
This 3' (90cm) high Versatile Shelving has a strong, maintenance-free aluminium frame & can be supplied with either aluminium trays, aluminium slats or timber slats as a surface to each level, depending on your requirements. The levels are not pre determined, you can choose your desired height settings as you assemble the unit.

Versatile Shelving 4' High
This 4' (122cm) high Versatile Shelving has four height adjustable shelves enabling you to accommodate all manner of things from tall plants to small pots, all in a compact area.

Versatile Shelving 5' High
This 5' (152cm) high Versatile Shelving has a strong, maintenance-free aluminium frame & can be supplied with either aluminium trays, aluminium slats or timber slats as a surface to each level, depending on your requirements. The levels are not pre determined, you can choose your desired height settings as you assemble the unit.

Plunge Propagating Bench
Designed to carry heavy loads our aluminium Plunge Benches have so many different uses we are never sure what to call it!
Fill with coarse sand or gravel and 'plunge' your pots to keep them moist, humid and stable, it's a 'Plunge Bench' ideal for alpines amongst other things.
Fill with washed, horticultural sand, add a soil warming cable (and a thermostat for ultra accurate control) and it's a very strong 'Propagation Bench'.
Fill with a soil and compost mixture and you have a 'Raised Growing Bed' suitable for growing a huge range of shallow rooted crops.

Cover for Plunge Propagating Bench or Tray
A specially designed Cover for your Plunge Bench or Tray will create a warmer area in your greenhouse - useful for overwintering plants. If using soil warming cables for propagation it will also help to reduce running costs.

Hot Bench
Treat your plants to a Hot Bench - it's a cosy place to over winter them.
The hot bench is also a robust propagator which can be used for raising plants from seed or cuttings, whilst also excellent at encouraging early, healthy plant growth.
It can also be used without the heat, making it a useful year round staging - excellent value!

Cover for Hot Bench
Turn a Hot Bench into a large and attractive, but relatively inexpensive deluxe propagator with this easily fitted hinged Hot Bench Cover.

Mist Propagation Unit
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Complete Package.
Propagate plants from cuttings or seeds the professional way with a Mist Propagation Unit.
This unit is a collection of six products from within our catalogue, pulled together as a bundle to form this traditional, fully automatic, professional mist propagation unit.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy one of these sets and make a saving on purchasing all the individual components.

Buying the -
3'4" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £16.50
6'8" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £36.25
10'0" x 36" Complete Unit SAVES you - £70.45

Rootrainer Rack
A strong, maintenance-free aluminium Rootrainer Rack specially designed to securely hold Rootrainers in place as you use them to grow seedlings and cuttings.

Grow Bag Support
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
'Really Useful...........Two Products in One'
When not in use as a Grow Bag Support, remove the tray, turn the framework upside down, put the tray on the top & you have an excellent staging or work area !

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of two and you will SAVE £9.00 against purchasing two single units.

Orchid Growers Staging
Specially designed for the Orchid Grower, this staging is ideal for creating the right environment for keeping Humidity loving plants healthy.
This specialist orchid growers bench is based on our well proven Up-Staging design but instead of trays we provide movable aluminium slats, they can be adjusted to suit pot size to optimise air circulation. Positioned 6" below the top of the staging is a watertight tray which can hold up to 28 litres of water to provide humidity.
Humidity levels and localised temperature can be increased by the addition of the optional made to measure Heated Tray which can be fitted below the water tray.

Modular Cold Frame Bench
This strong, aluminium Modular Cold Frame bench lets you use your modular cold frame to its best potential. Use outside as a raised cold frame - no more bending ! Use in the greenhouse for overwintering tender plants; with heating to create a tremendous propagator. Finally, when your cold frame is being put to more conventional uses this bench provides you with extra space, either in your garden or greenhouse.

Modular Cold Frame complete with Two Tier Bench
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Garden without back ache with this combination of Modular Aluminium Cold Frame and Bench.
This special offer set lifts your plants to a comfortable 30" working height, whilst also keeping them out of the reach of many pests.
The lower tier of this two tier aluminium staging also creates a usefull, off the ground, storage area or sheltered spot for more mature plants, prior to planting out. These two items can also be used independantly as a ground mounted cold frame and a general purpose greenhouse staging.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE- Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.90 on purchasing the items separately.

The Easy Access Cold Frame and Bench Together
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Special Offer combination of our Easy Access Standard Cold Frame and Bench provides a huge growing space at a comfortable working height.
This versatile set of products can be used effectively together to provide a raised cold frame or used seperately to give you a cold frame plus a very strong workbench. Both can be used within the greenhouse or garden.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £20.10 on purchasing the items separately.

Bench For Easy Access Cold Frame
Make our Easy Access Standard Cold Frame even easier to work at and more versatile by placing onto this specially designed Cold Frame Stand.

Potting Table
This aluminium Potting Table has been specially designed to neatly carry the Potting Tidy, although it is just as usefull without. With an open front for sitting at, and the extensions to either side, there's plenty of room for your legs and plenty of space to work at !
The more thoughtful design given to the 'wings' at either side of the main body set this Potting Table up as a class leader.

Potting Bench
After propagation has been successful, then comes the time consuming job of pricking out followed by regular re-potting. For this purpose we designed a custom-built aluminium Potting Bench. Being manufactured in all aluminium this garden potting bench is equally at home being left out doors as it is in a greenhouse or potting shed, it will never rust or rot.

Special offer discounted set available - please see the Potting Bench Set

Potting Bench Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
Create a truly professional potting area in your greenhouse or shed with this high quality set of aluminium Potting Bench, Shelf & Side Table.
This discounted special offer set will allow you to work in comfort and store all your potting up essentials close to hand - a 'must have' set for any busy gardener.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy this set and you will SAVE £8.40 on purchasing the items separately.

Greenhouse Integral Staging
This Greenhouse Integral Staging is really versatile, being hinged to the wall you can quickly and easily put it up as and when you like.
During the summer, many gardeners use their greenhouse to grow tomatoes and other summer crops and then later on in the year need to over winter their tender plants, whilst in early spring a greenhouse can be struggling for space for seed trays. As a result of these varying requirements for occasional shelving, we developed our Integral Staging. This staging offers a generous, stable work surface which can be folded vertically out of the way in seconds.

Integral Staging and Shelving Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This Special Offer Set of Integral Staging & Shelving will enable you to make efficient use of greenhouse space whilst giving you maximum flexibility.
Once installed both the folding staging & shelving are available for use either permanently or as and when you need the extra shelving and staging space.
When not required both units fold down flat to the greenhouse wall in seconds and with them having mesh tops this has no adverse effects on light entering your building.

SPECIAL OFFER SET - Buy this set and you will SAVE £7.99 on purchasing the items separately.

Clearspan Staging
This new two tier Clearspan Staging has clean, un cluttered lines giving you the maximum of amount of un hindered access and useable space.
The strong, rust and rot proof aluminium framework is freestanding allowing it to be moved if required, whilst the choice of removable surface's - aluminium trays or timber slatted sections, or a combination of both, makes this greenhouse bench infinitely versatile.
The aluminium gravel trays can be used either way up - as a dished tray to accomodate water matting or gravel, or flipped over as a flat top to create useful working areas. The timber slatted sections are ideal for plants that like maximum drainage or are must if your overwintering plants, as good air circulation is essential to keep plants healthy.

Foot Plates (1 Pair)
Stop sinkage when standing your greenhouse staging or benching on to soft ground with these strong aluminium Foot Plates.

Commercial Bench Plunge Surround
Turn your commercial bench into a heavy-duty plunge or propagating bench by adding this 6" deep plunge surround.
Adding this surround allows you to fill the void with a medium such as coarse horticultural grit sand for the plunging of clay pots, ideal for growing alpines or allowing you to bury a soil warming cable to create a propagation bench.
Alternatively line the surround with an underlay and pond liner to create a specialist water holding bench for the growing of bog and carnivorous plants.

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