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Greenhouse Supplies

All the product within the Two Wests Own Brand has been designed, manufactured and developed over the last 37 years here at our base in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
The extensive range of Greenhouse Equipment including Staging, Shelving, Potting Benches, Cold Frames and Fruit Cages, to name but a few, are all made from high quality, rot proof aluminium providing you with products that will last a life time.

Two Wests Benches
Greenhouse Benching - also known as Greenhouse Staging - has been manufactured here on our Derbyshire premises for over 37 years. We have designed all our greenhouse staging to make it easy for you to turn your greenhouse into a well equipped area for growth and display. All our greenhouse benching is made from aluminium, making it long-lasting, maintenance free and being rust and rot proof the staging is ideal for use in humid greenhouse conditions. Our aluminium greenhouse staging is available in a huge range of types, sizes, lengths and widths - but if one of our standard sizes doesn't suit your exact requirements, we can make our aluminium staging to any size you like. Some of our aluminium benches are available with either aluminium trays or aluminium slats forming the surface of the staging, truly making our greenhouse benching and staging the equipment for all seasons.
Two Wests Potting Benches
A purpose built Potting Bench provides you with a tidy, practical area where you can carry out your potting up and take cuttings with ease. Potting Benches are designed to provide a space for you to keep your small potting up tools close at hand - a shelf is often provided where you can store plant labels, pens, dibbers and tampers etc. A Potting Bench usually has a work surface large enough for you to tip compost - with sides and back containing the compost in one place so preventing messy compost spillage.
This range of our own Potting Up Equipment has been designed and manufactured here in our Derbyshire workshop. All benches are made from long-lasting, rust and rot proof aluminium providing you with a potting area that will last a life-time. We've taken into consideration the needs of the gardener who can spend hours potting up, planting seeds and taking cuttings. We've made our Potting Benches to a comfortable working height - but if you did want the bench made to a specific height we can do this for you - simply let us know which height you require and we'll quote by return.
Two Wests Shelves
Greenhouse shelving is a useful way of providing extra storage and growing areas in your greenhouse - it's easy to forget the wasted space above the staging. Wall Mounted Greenhouse Shelving tucks things neatly out of the way; Greenhouse Hanging shelves makes the most of the area under the roof, whilst free-standing shelving (such as our Versatile Shelving) provides sturdy general purpose units for storage or growing.
Take a look at our selection of greenhouse shelves today and buy online from Two Wests & Elliott
Two Wests Seed Tray Racks
Seed Tray Stands or racks are essential in busy or overcrowded greenhouses. During the spring when you're raising lots of plants in seed trays, one of these multi-level stands will securely hold lots of seed trays in tiers - so making best use of the space available. To make watering your plants easy use the Seed Tray Racks with watertight plastic trays. And if you're growing from plug plants this stand will become ideal Plug Plant Unit - being a place where you can pot them up and bring them on prior to planting out.
If you don't find a Seed Tray Stand to suit the space you have available, we can make the stand to suit your requirements. Simply let us know the length (based on seed tray size) and height required and we'll provide a quotation.
Two Wests Cold Frames
Here at Two Wests & Elliott we have been designing & manufacturing high quality, practical Cold Frames for over 24 years. By combining strong, maintenance-free, rust-proof aluminium frames with double-skinned plastic glazing our Cold Frames keep warmth in, cold out & allow maximum light transmission to prevent young plants becoming drawn & leggy.
Two Wests Cloches
This range of own designed Two Wests and Elliott cloches have proven to be highly popular over the last 37 years. Designed with you, the gardener in mind, these garden cloches are simple yet practical and give you a cost effective way of offering essential protection to your plants.
Being made of rot free, robust materials these cloches will give you many years of trouble free service.
Two Wests Fruit Cages
These rot fee,Aluminium Fruit Cages are a must for every successful fruit and vegetable grower. Designed and manufactured here at our premises in Chesterfield they are good quality,cost effective Fruit and Vegetable cages, and when assembled make sure that it is you, that enjoys the fruits of your labours.
All our fruit and vegetable cages are made from long lasting, rot free materials. Our standard and deluxe green fruit and vegetable cages incorporate strong 19mm aluminium tubing for the framework, interconnected with robust nylon joints, our heavy duty fruit and vegetable cages are constructed with 25mm aluminium tubes joined with galvanized steel joints that have stainless steel locking grub screws to secure the tubes in place.
All our fruit and vegetable cages come complete with a choice of fruit and vegatable cage netting (dependant on size and style) either strong ¾" mesh anti bird netting or 3/8" mesh anti butterfly netting. Also available is 6" mesh pigeon netting. All clips and pegs for securing netting's to frame and ground are also included.
We also stock a wide range of fruit and vegetable cage accessories to further enhance your chosen fruit and vegetable cage - doors for easier access, extra braces for arming your cage to stand up to even the severest of the weather and waist rails that will give you endless glazing options as well as adding character and strength.
We have a huge range of standard sized fruit and vegetable cages, but also offer a 'made to measure' service allowing you to have the exact size and shape of cage you require.
Two Wests Planters
Our Everlasting Aluminium Planters have been designed in three standard sizes and two colourways. As we manufacture the planter here in our Derbyshire workshop, it is also possible for us to manufacture the planters in any size to suit your exact requirements - simply contact us on 01246 451077 with the size you require and we'll provide you with a quotation.
Being made from rot-proof aluminium these planters will last forever. Available in an attractive green or white, durable powder coated finish with curved aluminium uprights. You can keep the planters looking as good as new by simply giving them a quick wash down with soapy water.
Two Wests Propagators
Propagators are vital for the gardener who wants to raise there own plants from seeds or cuttings. We stock one of the widest ranges of propagators available, including propagation benches, electric propagators, propagation trays and more - this selection being exclusive to Two Wests and Elliott. Over the last 37 years we've developed and tested a wide range of propagators to suit the novice gardener up to the professional growers. All our propagators feature high specifications, long life, low maintenance and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every situation. So whatever you wish to grow you are sure to find the propagation equipment to make this easy and efficient.
Two Wests Watering
Watering is essential for healthy growth, but when your plants are residing in a greenhouse, polytunnel or home, then it is essential that you are able to supply them with the correct amount of water to keep them healthy. It is also important to note that plants need the correct amount of water - as many plants are killed by over watering as under watering, especially in the greenhouse and home.

We stock a wide range of greenhouse watering systems for use in a greenhouse or polytunnel, all designed to provide your plants with water as and when they require it with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. We stock a huge range of greenhouse watering equipment for manual and automatic watering of plants, the ones featured in this section are all of our own design and manufacture, and as such have all been tested and proved to promote healthy plant growth.

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