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Plunge Trays

Plunge Trays form the basis of one of the easiest and most traditional forms of propagation. Plunge Propagation involves filling a deep Plunge Tray - our trays are 6 inch / 15cm deep - with horticultural sand. Keeping the sand damp, you can then 'plunge' cuttings directly into the sand where there roots will form. It's important for successful propagation that the sand is kept damp - and remember, cuttings taken in the cooler months may take months to root, where summer cuttings normally just take a couple of weeks. Other cuttings that thrive from being propagated in this way include some short lived perennials and silver leafed plants. To aid propagation in Plunge Trays you can add heat - such as a soil warming cable.

Plunge Propagating Tray
Generous 6" (15cm) deep aluminium Plunge Propagating Trays designed to create an area for multiple uses -
For 'plunging' pots, fill with coarse sand or gravel (e.g. for alpines) in order to keep them stable and moist.
Fill with washed, horticultural coarse sand, and turn it into a heated propagating tray by adding a soil warming cable.
Fill with soil and compost and create a deep growing area to cultivate a huge rang of shallow rooted crops.

Cover for Plunge Propagating Bench or Tray
A specially designed Cover for your Plunge Bench or Tray will create a warmer area in your greenhouse - useful for overwintering plants. If using soil warming cables for propagation it will also help to reduce running costs.

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