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Plug Trays

Plug Trays were originally used in commercial horticulture and are now common amongst home gardeners. The purpose of the Plug Tray is to provide a single plant with its' own cell of compost. This allows a plants roots to grow undisturbed by its' neighbours resulting in stronger plants. Plug Trays make it easy for you to take plant from tray to pot without any root disturbance - resulting in uniform growth. Your plants are ready to pot up from plug trays when they have three or four leaves. Gently pushing each cell from below will allow you to easily remove the plants. Plug Trays are good for growing annuals, where root damage when planting out can lead to a check on growth from which the plant never recovers.

Plug Trays
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Strong, re-useable Plug Trays with 84 & 180 individual 'cells' enabling you to grow seedlings in their own cell of compost reducing the chance of root damage when plants are potted up.

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These low cost, reusable, compact Propamatic Units contain everything you need to successfully germinate seeds in a greenhouse or in your home on a windowsill. Each unit includes polystyrene plugs trays combined with a watertight tray, capillary matting and clear cover and can be used year after year for germination and growth.
Self Watering Seed Success Kit
For successful propagation you need to maintain the optimal growing conditions for your plants, and careful, managed watering is essential - too little or too much water can be equally damaging.
These Self Watering Seed Success Kits make it easy for you to care for young seedlings correctly. They have an internal water reservoir and a growing tray supported above it. The growing tray is covered with capillary matting and fits into the water reservoir - allowing your plants to draw the water they need from the matting, so ensuring they are neither under nor over watered.

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