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Heated Trays

To achieve the highest rate of germination, most seeds need to be kept at a temperature of about 20 degrees C. Heated trays are an easy way of providing base heat. They consist of a tray with a built in heating element that provides gentle warmth from the base and will give a lift of approximately 11-14 degrees C above the ambient temperature. Many plant propagators are designed around a heated base - either sturdy aluminium or waterproof plastic. Our sturdy aluminium Heated Trays are available in a range of sizes and acts like a mini hot bench in your greenhouse, accommodating a range of seed trays and pots.

Heated Tray
Use a Heated Tray on an existing bench, or any surface, to give an even base heat to encourage seed germination & general plant growth.
The easiest way to create a temporary or permanent propagation area, or to offer frost protection to small groups of plants through the winter months.

Cover for Heated Tray
This easily Heated Tray Cover will turn a Heated Tray into a large but inexpensive propagator.

Water Mat for Heated Tray
Provide greater humidity to your plants by covering a Heated Tray with a Water Mat.
This will greatly help to keep your plants watered, stopping them drying out. The matting also catches any excess water and recycles it back to your plants.

Seed Tray Rack Heated Tray
Use this Seed Tray Rack Heated Tray to create a neat propagation area, providing an even base heat which encourages seed germination and general plant growth.

Fixed Temperature Propagator Base
The Mini & Maxi Fixed Temperature Propagators have been developed to maintain a compost temperature of 19ºC (+/-2º), the perfect germination temperature for a wide range of plants. This electric heated propagator has a watertight base unit.

Fixed Temperature Propagator
A propagator will help you successfully germinate seeds or cuttings. These Mini and Maxi electric Propagators come complete with Seed Trays and Covers and are designed to maintain the optimum germination temperature of 19ºC. These propagators make it easy for you to grow a wide variety of plants without worrying about setting the correct temperature.

Warming Pad
Providing an even base heat, these easy to use Warming Mats are a simple way to increase germination success.
These Bio Green warming pads have been designed to work safely and accurately within a greenhouse or household environment.

Hot Bench
Treat your plants to a Hot Bench - it's a cosy place to over winter them.
The hot bench is also a robust propagator which can be used for raising plants from seed or cuttings, whilst also excellent at encouraging early, healthy plant growth.
It can also be used without the heat, making it a useful year round staging - excellent value!

Monotop Propagator
This Monotop Propagator is available with a number of accessories that will enable you to successfuly grow your own plants from seed or cuttings. This Heated Propagator comes in two sizes with add on's available that will allow you to create a professional propagation system. The Monotop Heated Propagator also comes with a usefull high dome, ventilated cover as standard, giving you ample headroom to grow plants to a well established sizes.
You can simply have the heated base and high dome on its own or choose to have it with a digital thermostat and grow lights, or any other combination that you wish.
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