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Gardening Trays

Trays for use in the garden, greenhouse or home whether you're raising your own plants from seeds or cuttings, buying in plug plants or simply have a few houseplants to care for. We stock such a wide range of garden trays, in different shapes, sizes and materials that you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for. And as we manufacture a range of aluminium trays, if we haven't got the size you want we can make them for you - it couldn't be simpler.
Uses Of Our Gardening Trays:
Propagation Trays - we have a range of plastic seed trays, all featuring drainage holes, that you can use to sow seeds or grow cuttings. From the smallest Quarter Seed Trays ideal for on windowsills, through to our Deluxe Seed Trays perfect for use in a greenhouse. We also have a selection of Heated Trays to help you provide the perfect germination temperature for your plants, as well as traditional Propagation Trays for use with Soil Warming Cables.
Growing Trays - from Seed Trays to Plug Trays, Shuttle Trays and Jiffy Trays, you'll find a wide range of trays in all different sizes to suit every location. So whether you're raising plants on a windowsill, cold frame, mini greenhouse or full size greenhouse you're sure to find a tray to suit.

Potting Up Trays - you can keep your work surface neat and tidy - and pot up virtually anywhere by using one of our Potting Trays or Potting Tidies.
Shuttle Trays in a range of sizes suitable for potting up seedlings or plug plants into.
Watering Trays - designed to make it easy for you to keep your plants well watered - whether for use in your home or greenhouse.
Self Watering Trays are ideal when you're on holiday as they will hold sufficient water for approximately 2 weeks.
Watertight Plastic Trays mean that you don't have to water you're plants everyday - so watering becomes quicker and easier.
Storage Trays - traditional Timber Trays ideal for storing excess crops, bulbs etc.

Seed Trays
Seed Trays are used when you are growing new plants for your garden from seeds or cuttings. In the past gardeners would have used timber trays in which to sow their seeds. Nowadays the majority of gardeners will use plastic trays - these are cheaper, more lightweight and easier to clean then timber trays. When choosing seed trays remember to think about where your plants are being grown. In a greenhouse full size seed trays are ideal, but if you're raising your plants on a windowsill then full size seed trays will be too large - rather use half or quarter seed trays. The quantity of plants which you want to grow will also affect which seed trays you buy. Growing a large quantity of the same seeds makes full size seed trays the best option. However, if you want to raise a wide variety of plants but in smaller quantities than the smaller seed trays are better.
Gravel Trays
Gravel Trays are basically trays without any drainage holes. They are used for plants that like a moist atmosphere. Gravel Trays are lined with a layer of sand, gravel, clay granules, capillary matting or water matting to increase humidity levels, help with drainage and aid watering. You stand your pot plants on top of the sand, gravel etc. and water the layer of sand etc. rather than the plants, the plants can then take up the moisture they need. Gravel Trays can be made from heavy duty plastic or aluminium trays - aluminium trays would need to be lined with polythene to make them watertight. Gravel Trays can be used in your greenhouse, conservatory or in the home.
Self Watering Trays
Self-watering Trays have been developed to enable simple, efficient automatic watering of house plants, bedding plants, seedlings etc - plants look after themselves by just standing them on the trays and they take up water as and when they need it - no more over watering! Self Watering Trays consist of a plastic tray which forms the reservoir for the water. Within this tray is an aluminium platform which is covered with capillary matting. Plants in pots, seed trays, shuttle trays etc are placed on top of the capillary matting and suck up the water they need from the matting. In this way the trays maintain the moistness of the compost your plants require for healthy growth. Self Watering Trays are a convenient way of looking after your plants whilst you are away on holiday. Available in a wide range of sizes, there are long narrow trays that are ideal for fitting on a windowsill - so there will be no more leaky pots. Larger sized Self Watering Trays are ideal for standing on benching within your greenhouse and are large enough to hold full size seed trays. Used all year round Self Watering Trays mean that you don't have to water your plants every day.
Heated Trays
To achieve the highest rate of germination, most seeds need to be kept at a temperature of about 20 degrees C. Heated trays are an easy way of providing base heat. They consist of a tray with a built in heating element that provides gentle warmth from the base and will give a lift of approximately 11-14 degrees C above the ambient temperature. Many plant propagators are designed around a heated base - either sturdy aluminium or waterproof plastic. Our sturdy aluminium Heated Trays are available in a range of sizes and acts like a mini hot bench in your greenhouse, accommodating a range of seed trays and pots.
Shuttle Trays
Shuttle Trays - also called Carry Trays - have been commonly used by commercial growers for potting up, growing on and moving plants around and are now becoming popular amongst home gardeners. Pots are fitted into a sturdy black plastic tray so they are kept neat and tidy - no more loose pots or pots falling over. For easy potting up the pot rims fit flush with the tray surface, so it's easy to brush off surplus compost. Shuttle Trays make it easy for you to move lots of pots with minimum effort - so when it's time to plant out it's simple to take a tray full of plants out into the garden. Shuttle Trays are made from durable plastic and can be re-used season after season.
Plastic Trays
Plastic Trays are used for a wide range of applications in your greenhouse and garden. Watertight trays can be used as a water reservoir for pots and seed trays, so a large number of plants can be watered in minimal time - ideally line the trays with water matting, sand or gravel, as plants don't like to have their roots constantly sat in water. We have trays that are large enough to accommodate a full sized grow bag - considerably reducing the frequency of watering required. We have plastic trays that are the perfect size for standing on greenhouse benching where they can be used to retain water for quick and easy watering. Plastic trays can also be used to retain compost when potting up - in fact we use our largest plastic tray - the Titan Tray - to form the surface for our Professional Potting Bench.
Plug Trays
Plug Trays were originally used in commercial horticulture and are now common amongst home gardeners. The purpose of the Plug Tray is to provide a single plant with its' own cell of compost. This allows a plants roots to grow undisturbed by its' neighbours resulting in stronger plants. Plug Trays make it easy for you to take plant from tray to pot without any root disturbance - resulting in uniform growth. Your plants are ready to pot up from plug trays when they have three or four leaves. Gently pushing each cell from below will allow you to easily remove the plants. Plug Trays are good for growing annuals, where root damage when planting out can lead to a check on growth from which the plant never recovers.
Plunge Trays
Plunge Trays form the basis of one of the easiest and most traditional forms of propagation. Plunge Propagation involves filling a deep Plunge Tray - our trays are 6 inch / 15cm deep - with horticultural sand. Keeping the sand damp, you can then 'plunge' cuttings directly into the sand where there roots will form. It's important for successful propagation that the sand is kept damp - and remember, cuttings taken in the cooler months may take months to root, where summer cuttings normally just take a couple of weeks. Other cuttings that thrive from being propagated in this way include some short lived perennials and silver leafed plants. To aid propagation in Plunge Trays you can add heat - such as a soil warming cable.
Propagation Trays
Propagation Trays are an important element of a gardener's tool kit when raising plants from seeds or cuttings. Ideally you will want trays that are multi purpose and that can be used year after year, letting you raise a wide range of plants using the same equipment. Although this is possible with some propagation trays - such as seed trays or Plug Trays which can be used to raise a wide range of plants and can be washed clean and reused again and again, there are also some plants which will need special equipment to enable you to grow them efficiently - such as growing peas or beans in Rootrainers so they have loads of space for root growth, or raising alpines in one of our Plunge Trays. You might also want to raise your plants hydroponically - so without using soil or compost. You would then want to use our Root Riot Tray Sets or invest in one of our Hydroponic Propagators, both of these products have spares available so you can buy extra Root Riot Cubes or Rockwool Cubes to replenish these growing systems.
Aluminium Trays
Aluminium Trays are strong, long-lasting, rust and rot proof, low maintenance trays. We use aluminium Trays to form the surfaces of some of our greenhouse benching and shelving. Aluminium Trays are also used on top of existing benches to create a secure, contained space on which to stand pots or seed trays. All our Aluminium Trays are made from 1mm thick aluminium sheet and are 22mm deep - making them deep enough to be lined with water matting, gravel or sand. Available in a wide range of sizes, if you don't find a size to suit your needs let us know the dimensions and we can make it for you. Call us on 01246 451077.
Aluminium Slats
Aluminium Stats are used instead of trays when you need to ensure good air circulation around your plants. Some plants prefer lots of air around there roots - for example orchids - and when over wintering it's best to use slats as this helps to reduce the chance of damping off and disease. All our aluminium slats are manufactured from 1mm thick aluminium sheet and are 23mm deep x 55mm wide. Available in a wide range of sizes, if you don't find a size to suit your needs let us know the dimensions and we can make it for you. Call us on 01246 451077.
Water Trays
The difficulty in caring for plants is making sure they get enough water, but not too much water, especially if you are growing a large number of plants in your greenhouse. Keeping your plants watered whilst you are away on holiday is another reason for needing Water Trays. A Watering Tray is designed to keep plants hydrated from the bottom up - helping to create stronger, healthier roots. We stock a wide range of sizes of watertight plastic trays - so you are sure to find one to suit the situation - such as narrow trays for on window sills and large trays for in greenhouses - and the right size to hold your pots and trays. Ideally you don't want to leave plants for long periods with their roots stood in water. So either remove them once all the compost is moist, or using water matting, sand or gravel to line the tray and stand your pots on top of this.
Wooden Trays
Wooden Seed Trays were traditionally used by gardeners to sow seeds however this is no longer the case as we use plastic seed trays that last much longer. Wooden Trays are still used by gardeners but they are now used for storing items that require air to freely circulate around them. Such slatted wooden trays are ideal for storing crops and bulbs throughout the winter. Allowing air to freely circulate around what you're storing prevents them getting damp, which could result in bulbs, fruit and vegetables rotting. Simply ensure crops are clean and dry when you store them and you'll have a supply of home grown fruit and vegetables even out of season!
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