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Garden Tool Accessories

Our range of tool accessories have been chosen to enhance your garden tools - and make it simple for you to keep your tools in good working order. Our tool accessories include sharpening tools - keeping the blades of your tools sharp makes them easier to use and more effective than tools with blunt blades. We also stock a range of replacement blades if you prefer to replace blades rather than sharpen blades. We also stock tool accessories to enable you to keep using your tools year after year - so replacement clips and bags for the Claber Cart for example.

Darlac Diamond Sharpener
A lightweight, pocket-sized Diamond Sharpener using real diamond particles to produce a much tougher sharpening surface than conventional sharpening stones - it lasts 50 times longer.

Bags for Claber Carry Cart Eco Pack of 10
These Spare Bags for the Claber Carry Cart Eco simply clip onto the ring of the cart using the resin clamps (supplied with the cart and also available to purchase separately).

Spare Bag Clamps for Claber Carry Cart Eco Pack of 4
These robust resin spare bag clamps are designed to hold the refuse bag securely within the frame of the Claber Carry Cart.

Darlac Telescopic Pole
These Telescopic Aluminium Poles from Darlac have been ingeniously designed to be fully length adjustable, letting you set the length to suit the subject on which you are working. Ideal for working overhead when fully extended, they can also be used closed for working on the ground.

Gardena Shampoo Blocks Pack of 9
Specially designed for use with the Gardena Cleaning System, these Shampoo Blocks are recommended for cleaning paint and plastic surfaces, for example conservatories or safety glazed greenhouses.

Big Hands Leaf Grabbers
Quickly and cleanly collect loads of leaves or garden waste with this pair or large plastic grabbers whilst keeping your hand clean!

Gardena Pick Up Stick
A great gadget for picking things up without having to bend down.
This robust Pick-Up Stick not only firmly grips objects but also has a foldaway spike to dislodge and collect awkward debris such as wet leaves and can also be used for gathering litter.

Gardeners Trug
This Gardeners Trug is ideal for carrying cut flowers, harvested fruit or vegetables, weeds or prunings. Made from durable plastic this trug is easy to clean and light to carry - you can hold the Trug in one hand whilst you harvest with the other.

Large Garden Sheet
This Large Garden Sheet saves you time when tidying up. Simply lay it on the ground where you're working and collect debris as you go. When it's full pick it up or drag it by its handles straight to your compost heap.
Extra Large Kneeling Mat
Protect your knees as you work in the garden with this Extra Large Kneeling Mat. This hard wearing kneeler is made from a soft foam which is comfortable to kneel on, yet protects you from sharp objects. It's extra large size means you're easily protected, even when the ground is wet.
Car Boot Liner
This Car Boot Liner lets you easily protect your car from dirt and rubbish. It's also designed to be easy to remove - simply gather the corners together for easy carrying. For years of use this liner is made from strong woven polyethylene material which has a wipe clean surface and has been fully UV protected against the sun for long life.
Colander Trug
This Colander Trug is a must have for every kitchen or allotment gardener. It has been specially designed to enable you to both easily collect, easily carry and easily clean any fruit or vegetables from your garden. This generously sized trug has a strong durable handle for easy carrying and the base of the trug features drainage holes - so you can simply place the trug, with its collected fruit or veg, under a tap and wash it clean with the water draining away through the base holes.
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