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Swop Top Tools

Swop Top Tools are designed to let you have exactly the right combination of handle and tool for whatever you are doing in your garden. We stock a range of Swop Top Tools from Darlac which offer immense flexibility, with tools available for fruit picking to pond clearing through to pruning and cleaning out gutters.
We also stock Gardena's Combisystem which works in the same way - you select a handle, then tool heads to fit. Gardena's wide range of tool heads are made from hard wearing steel with a powder coating so the tools are rust and rot proof so you can use them year after year.

Darlac Swop Top Set  Pole, Pruner, Saw and Fruit Picking Basket
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set.
This versatile Swop Top Plant Care Set will enable you to perform various tasks comfortably overhead, with your feet still firmly on the ground!
Prune hard to reach branches, saw off out of reach excessive growth and collect fruit, all with this really useful set.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - buy this set and you will SAVE £6.96 on purchasing the items separately.

Darlac Swop Top Cleaning Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Set - Saving you £9.94.

Our special offer Darlac Swop Top Cleaning Set ensures you have the right tool for all your cleaning needs.
Combining the Long Telescopic Pole with three detachable heads, (Soft Brush Head, Squeegee and Flexible Gutter Cleaner) as well as the Darlac Spiral-flow Hose and the Soap Dispenser for thorough and efficient cleaning.

SPECIAL OFFER SET - Buy this set and you will SAVE £9.94 on purchasing the items separately.

Traditional Saw for Swop Top System
A sharp, sabre toothed Traditional Saw which will cut through live or dead wood up to 8" (20cm) thick.
This Darlac Traditional saw is designed to be attached to either of the Darlac Telescopic poles within the Darlac Swop Top range.

Leylandi Shears for Swop Top System
Specially designed Leylandi Shears enabling you to easily and efficiently trim back growth when fitted to a Telescopic Aluminium Pole.

Geared Pruning Head for Swop Top System
Use this Geared Tree Pruner with one of Darlac’s telescopic poles to make trimming and pruning tall trees a simple task.
Designed to cut through branches up to 1½" thick with the minimum of effort, it achieves this with the use of a quad pulley mechanism, which reduces the amount of pulling effort required.

Fruit Picking Basket for Swop Top System
Efficiently harvest apples, pears, most plums and other fruits without damage with this specially designed Fruit Picking Basket.

Darlac Swop Top Cleansweep Brush Head
This Cleansweep Brush head from Darlac is designed to connect to their telescopic pole to form a strong outdoor brush which you can use with or without water to clean patios, decking, paths or driveways.

Darlac Swop Top Soap Dispenser
Darlac’s Soap Dispenser includes a robust, transparent container making it easy for you to fill with any type of powdered or liquid detergent or feed.

Designed by Darlac to be used with their cleaning heads, telescopic pole and spiral hose, it's also suitable for fitting into any garden hose with the addition of a HCSC1N snap-on hose connector and a TTTC1 tap connector (available separately).

Darlac Flexible Gutter Cleaner
Keep gutters free of dirt and debris by using this Flexible Gutter Cleaner Head attached to the Darlac Spiral flow Hose and one of the Telescopic Poles. Easy to fit, it has an adjustable brass spray nozzle that can be turned to direct water as a jet, ideal for cleaning, through to a fine spray. This Gutter Cleaner has a black flexible shaft which you can shape to suit the gutter you are cleaning.

Darlac Swop Top Squeegee Head
Clean your greenhouse or conservatory windows with this Darlac Glass Squeegee.
Designed for use with the Telescopic Pole so that you can reach easily to the top of your greenhouse. For a professional clean use the Spiral flow Hose and Soap Dispenser to direct water and detergent directly onto the glass surface where the squeegee is.

Darlac Swop Top Soft Brush Head
The multi-angled, soft bristles of this Darlac Soft Brush Head makes it ideal for cleaning even the most delicate of surfaces. By adding the Spiral flow Hose and Soap Dispenser (available separately) water and detergent can be delivered directly to the head and through the bristles for really efficient cleaning.

Darlac Swop Top Spiral flow Hose
Darlac's Spiral-flow Hose is designed for use with the Telescopic Pole, letting you easily clean areas normally out of reach. Its flexible design wraps around the pole to provide a water outlet at the top. Use with one of the Darlac cleaning heads to give you an outstanding clean.

Darlac Multi Spray
Deliver water efficiently to those out of reach areas with this 7 pattern Multi Spray Gun. Designed to be attached to the Darlac Spiral flow Hose, this fully adjustable head can be used for general garden watering on its own or, by attaching to a Telescopic pole, will water those difficult to reach areas such as hanging baskets or window boxes. As the spray is adjustable from a light spray through to a more powerful jet it's also ideal for cleaning and rinsing greenhouse roofs or high sided vehicles.

Road Broom Head for Gardena Combi System
This high quality Gardena Road Broom attachment (3621-20) is desinged to fit the Gardena combi system range of handles.
This tough brush head has strong polypropylene bristles for superb cleaning results and also has a 'scraping edge' which allows trodden in dirt or wet leaves to be lifted prior to brushing. This Gardena broom has a working width of 45cm and the unique 'wobble free' combi system quick attachment.
Gardena Combi-system Garden Rake Head
This Gardena garden rake head (3178-20) is part of the Gardena Combi System range. This multi purpose tool is ideal for raking, levelling soil in new beds and working soil to prepare ground for planting. This tough 36cm wide rake head has the Gardena unique 'wobble free' attatchment designed for quick and easy fitting to the range of Gardena Combi System handles.
Gardena Combi-system Grubber Head
This Gardena Garden Grubber head for use with the Gardena Combi System is ideal for loosening and aerating soil. With its 9cm working width it is ideal for for working in ground that is densely planted allowing you to work precisely, avoiding doing damage to plant roots.
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