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Garden Wheelbarrows

Garden Wheelbarrows make it easy for you to transfer even heavy loads and tools around your garden. These County Barrows include all those features that make a wheelbarrow easy to manoeuvre and really long lasting. All the wheelbarrow frames are galvanized, seam welded and have over-size cross braces to stiffen and strengthen the frame. Solid steel skids are welded onto the bottom of the legs, taking the strain of hard landings on concrete, gravel or wet soil so prolonging the life of the barrow. For improved traction and long life the tyres are 4 ply, block patterned and have pneumatic inner tubes which means you can repair them easily if required. The other feature of the County Garden Wheelbarrows is that they can be converted from having one wheel to two - with all the models available in both of these options - or you can purchase a conversion kit which can be used to turn a one wheel model into a two wheel one.

Samson Wheelbarrow
The Samson Wheelbarrow is for those gardeners who just can't get a big enough barrow and is designed to enable you to move a lot of material in one go! Our biggest wheelbarrow it has a 200-275 litre capacity high grade tray that is braced front and rear so it can withstand moving heavy loads. Supporting this large tray is a galvanised main chassis with solid steel skids. Two front wheels ensure maximum stability whilst a front tipping bar strut adds strength and rigidity.
Clipper Wheelbarrow
Compare the Clipper Wheelbarrow against any other mid-market barrow and you’ll see why this sets a new gold standard. It incorporates all those features that make-up a strong, long lasting, easy to use wheelbarrow - even when it’s full with a heavy load.

Duo Clipper Wheelbarrow
These Duo Wheelbarrows have two wheels at the front - so taking away the need to balance the barrow as you wheel it. This makes them ideal for transferring heavy loads, for use on any type of surface and over long distances. With the Clipper Duo you also have the choice of 4 colours for the polypropylene tray - blue, green, pink or burgundy.

Steel Carrier Wheelbarrow
The Steel Carrier Wheelbarrow is a traditional barrow with a heavy-gauge steel tray that means it's suitable for even the toughest of tasks - even including working with hot tar or near sources of extreme heat. This dependable workhorse of a wheelbarrow has a super sturdy frame made from heavy grade galvanised steel tubing with solid steel skids and has oversize bracing underneath the floor of the tray and front tray support for maximum strength and stability.
Steel Duo Carrier Wheelbarrow
A traditional steel wheelbarrow but with two front wheels - so you get the sturdiness of a traditional wheelbarrow enhanced by two wheels that make it simple to move around your garden, even when full. With the need to balance the barrow removed, less strength is needed to move it so making it ideal for anyone to use.

Cruiser Wheelbarrow
A substantial wheelbarrow with a long life expectancy, the Cruiser is a wheelbarrow well worth its money. With a large 100 litre tray, and a substantial galvanised steel frame, 4 ply block pattern tyre for good grip and solid steel skids at the base of the legs, you’ll get years of use.

Claber Carry Cart Eco
Claber’s practical Carry Cart Eco is ideal for all refuse collection requirements in the garden. It’s ideal for holding leaves, grass cuttings etc.
Sturdy wheels make it easy to move around your garden and stable on different types of surface.
The refuse bag which it holds is made from strong, recyclable material, three times thicker than the average garden bag. The bag has a large holding capacity and has excellent resistance to thorns and pruned branches.

Garden Dump Cart
This robust Garden Dump Cart makes it easy to move and tip even heavy loads.
Its large hopper can hold up to 200Kg or 125 litres of water. The carts dual action handle lets you pull or push the Dump Cart - it even has a tow hatch for attaching to a vehicle if required. Once you reach your destination a single handle is used to lift the hopper to accurately tip the contents out - it couldn’t be simpler!

Mammoth Wheelbarrow
The Mammoth Wheelbarrow has probably got the finest wheelbarrow chassis on the market! It's perfectly designed tipping bar allows the barrow to stand upright for easy storage - this also useful when you're cleaning out or hosing down the wheelbarrow. The chassis is braced every which way providing the strength and rigidity required for a wheelbarrow you'll be using for years to come.
Countryman Wheelbarrow
The Countryman Wheelbarrow is ideal for larger gardens with its' 130 litre capacity tray for easily carrying bigger loads and galvanised steel chassis for strength and longevity. Easy grip handles, centre pneumatic front tyre and solid steel skids make this wheelbarrow really easy to handle even when carrying heavy loads.
Duo Cruiser Wheelbarrow
The Cruiser Duo Wheelbarrow has been designed to be the perfect size and to have the perfect balance to make it suitable for a wide range of tasks by gardeners, landscapers and equestrians. Its twin wheels make balance easy to maintain for everyone, whether you're petite, frail or elderly. It's 100 litre capacity tray is moulded from polypropylene - favoured by gardeners as it's lightweight and easy to hose down to keep it clean.
Countryman Duo Wheelbarrow
The Countryman Duo Wheelbarrow is ideal for those who need to move a large amount of material in one go! Its' large capacity tray can hold up to 160 litres whilst its' double set of wheels makes it much easier to balance - even when full - than a single wheel barrow. This is truly a labour saving wheelbarrow perfect for bigger gardens or busy gardeners.
Titan Wheelbarrow
One of the largest wheelbarrows we supply, the Titan Wheelbarrow has a supremely strong tray which can easily hold loads up to 350 litres (450 litres when carrying a heaped load). To make management of these heavy loads easier the wheelbarrow has twin wheels that make balancing simpler and it incorporates a tipping action so accuracy when emptying a load is easier to achieve. This size of barrow is popular amongst the equestrian sector.
Colossus Wheelbarrow
This Colossus Wheelbarrow is the largest wheelbarrows we supply, Ideal for bulky loads it can hold loads up to 500 litres when levelled - a massive 625 litres if the load is heaped. Heavy duty twin wheels with 4 ply block pattern help to make management of heavier loads easier even over rough terrains. For ease in emptying this barrow has a tipping action. We've found barrows of this size popular amongst the equestrian sector.
Mammoth Prime Wheelbarrow
The Mammoth Prime Wheelbarrow is great for use in larger gardens and ideal for helping at the allotment. The deep polypropylene tray can carry loads up to 230 litres so it's a real work horse when it comes to moving bulky or heavy loads. A fully welded galvanised steel frame, solid steel skids and oversize front and rear brace all combine to make this barrow exceptionally hard wearing.
Mammoth Prime Twin Wheelbarrow
This Mammoth Prime Twin Wheelbarrow is great for moving heavy or bulky loads. Its tough polyethylene tray is exceptionally durable and will hold loads up to 160 litres (230 litres if heaped). The barrows frame is made from fully welded galvanised steel and features oversize front and rear braces and solid steel skids. Ideal for use in larger gardens, it's equally at home at the allotment being great for transporting soil, hardcore, gravel, manure, compost etc.
Siteblazer 750 Wheelbarrow
This Siteblazer 750 Wheelbarrow has been designed to take the punishment of all-day-every-day use that would kill an ordinary barrow in no time at all. To achieve this it has a heavy duty tray made from high density polyethylene, a robust chassis that has been optimized for strength and stability and a rugged wheel assembly ideal for rougher terrains. With a 100 litre capacity (120 litre heaped) the tray is shaped for easy pouring of concrete, making it ideal for use when landscaping or for use in the construction industry.
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