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Garden Weeding Tools

With Garden Weeding Tools it's important to get the right tool for the job - using the wrong tool will result in roots being broken allowing weeds to come back again and again. Depending on the type of garden you have will affect which type of weeding tool or garden weeding tools you'll need.
The traditional weeding tool is a hoe and this is the main tool that you would use to keep flower beds or vegetable plots weed free. With a hoe the main aim is to cut through new weed roots before they get the chance to become established. To be effective using a hoe to clear the soil surface of weeds needs to be done on a regular basis.
For more established weeds you need to be able to remove the long tap root to prevent the weeds from coming back. Weeders are available designed to make it easy for you to do this - basically pushing the weeder onto the weed, twisting and pulling removes the weed with its roots. This type of weeding tool is used to tackle single weeds at a time but is very effective.
When removing weeds from between paving stones, along paths or in rockeries, you'll need to use a small, hand held tool. These types of weeding tool often have an L shaped blade that can get into narrow spaces to remove weeds, moss or anything else stuck in the gap.
Flame gun weeders are powered by gas and are used to destroy the cell structure of weeds without causing them to ignite. These Weed Burners are available as a small hand held burner for eradicating weeds in small areas. Or to tackler loads of weeds in quick time a Professional Weed Burner is available.

Speedy Weedy
Keeping your garden weed free can be a tiresome chore.
This Speedy Weeder makes light work of removing even the most stubborn weeds without even getting your hands dirty!

Gas Weed Burner
Designed to easily eradicate weeds from small areas such as rockeries, paths, patios, driveways etc.
This lightweight Gas Weed Burner takes the back-ache out of weeding.

Darlac Hooked Garden Knife
This Hooked Garden Knife is ideal for lots of jobs around the garden. Use it when you’re weeding, pruning, harvesting or even for cutting through garden fleece!

Darlac Multi Trowel
This unique Multi Trowel from Darlac is an absolute must have tool for every gardener.
Designed to provide you with a single tool that can tackle a wide range of tasks, from lifting weeds to cutting string.

Road Broom Head for Gardena Combi System
This high quality Gardena Road Broom attachment (3621-20) is desinged to fit the Gardena combi system range of handles.
This tough brush head has strong polypropylene bristles for superb cleaning results and also has a 'scraping edge' which allows trodden in dirt or wet leaves to be lifted prior to brushing. This Gardena broom has a working width of 45cm and the unique 'wobble free' combi system quick attachment.
Gardena Combi-system Grubber Head
This Gardena Garden Grubber head for use with the Gardena Combi System is ideal for loosening and aerating soil. With its 9cm working width it is ideal for for working in ground that is densely planted allowing you to work precisely, avoiding doing damage to plant roots.
Special Offer Packs Available, SAVING up to £3.00 on normal RRP when purchasing individually
This trendy new ergonomic Handigger has evolved after five thousand years of digging by humans and is fast becoming the smart way to dig. The unique design allows you to dig, plant, scoop, tidy and break up soil or compost with great ease and dexterity. The unusual but extremely effective design puts minimal strain on wrists and fingers allowing hours of use in complete comfort.

Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves
These Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves are one of the best performing thermal gloves on the market. They have been developed to enable you to work outdoors in comfort no matter what the weather! For maximum cold weather protection these gloves have a thermal, double insulated nylon lining that is soft to the touch, seamless and shaped to fit. This makes theses gloves perfect if you're working for long periods in your garden or even when you're clearing away ice and snow.
Temres Ultimate Outdoor Gloves
These Temres Ultimate Outdoor Gloves developed by Showa are the world's first waterproof and breathable polyurethane protective gloves. These gloves provide an impervious barrier against liquids and oils whilst remaining breathable - this makes these gloves ideal for people needing comfortable, waterproof hand protection whilst carrying out jobs around the home and garden for long periods.
Large Garden Sheet
This Large Garden Sheet saves you time when tidying up. Simply lay it on the ground where you're working and collect debris as you go. When it's full pick it up or drag it by its handles straight to your compost heap.
Flexi Tub
These Flexi Tubs are great for a wide range of home and garden jobs! From storage, transporting or collecting garden waste, harvesting vegetables from your vegetable patch or allotment, transporting your tolls and materials, building work, mixing compost, moving rubble or soil, collecting rain water or storing logs for the fire. You could even use them indoors as a toy basket or laundry basket - the possibilities are endless! These tubs are strong enough for all these tasks, whilst their flexibility makes them easy to lift, move and empty.
Hozelock Thermal Weeder
This unique Thermal Weeder gives you a quick and easy way to control weeds on driveways, paths and patios without the need to use chemicals. Simply plug in and it's ready to use - just point the head at the weed and it will be destroyed in seconds! Thanks to the protective cone at the head of the weeder you can achieve precise, targeted treatment, ensuring surrounding plants aren't damaged - the perfect selective weed killer! The weeder heats up in seconds and cools down just as quickly, making it quiet, safe and easy to use. The upright design allows weeds to be treated without the need to bend down, with a simple push button start and an ergonomic handle to provide comfortable usability.
Car Boot Liner
This Car Boot Liner lets you easily protect your car from dirt and rubbish. It's also designed to be easy to remove - simply gather the corners together for easy carrying. For years of use this liner is made from strong woven polyethylene material which has a wipe clean surface and has been fully UV protected against the sun for long life.
Garden Incinerator
This easy to assemble Garden Incinerator is supplied flat pack for assembly in seconds, no tools required. Ideal for small gardens or when you're tight for space, its compact size will still hold up to 40 litres of garden waste.
Colander Trug
This Colander Trug is a must have for every kitchen or allotment gardener. It has been specially designed to enable you to both easily collect, easily carry and easily clean any fruit or vegetables from your garden. This generously sized trug has a strong durable handle for easy carrying and the base of the trug features drainage holes - so you can simply place the trug, with its collected fruit or veg, under a tap and wash it clean with the water draining away through the base holes.
Lifestyle Weed Burner
For destroying loads of weeds in a short time this Lifestyle Professional Weed Burner is ideal. Simply connect to a propane gas cylinder (NOT supplied) using the regulator included with the burner. A five metre length of hose connects to the weed burner - so you can treat a large area without having to move the gas cylinder.
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