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Garden Shears

Garden Shears are great when you have lots of shrubs to trim, have plants that need deadheading such as heathers or need to cut back perennials and grasses to remove old foliage. There are a range of different Garden Shears for different activities within the garden. Hedge Shears are the most common form of the tool and are used for both trimming and shaping hedges. Hedge Shears consist of two identical blades that cut like a pair of scissors to create a clean cut through small stems and leaves. To cut through thicker stems choose shears with wavy edged blades - these not only cut through thicker stems the wavy edge makes it harder for stems to slip out as the blades are closed. Some shears have a notch towards the end of the blades - this is intended for cutting the odd shoot that would otherwise be too thick to cut. Other types of shears include Grass Shears - these tend to have long blades and handles and are used for trimming around tree trunks, flower borders etc after cutting your lawn. Single Handed Garden Shears are also popular when trimming the edge of lawns or other small, lightweight tasks.

Leylandi Shears for Swop Top System
Specially designed Leylandi Shears enabling you to easily and efficiently trim back growth when fitted to a Telescopic Aluminium Pole.

Classic Ratchet Secateurs
These Ratchet Pruners will cut through anything from the finest twig to a 25mm branch with ‘ridiculous’ ease! Tests have shown that Ratchet Pruners require 30% less pressure than conventional secateurs; this is because the ratchet action multiplies the pressure used so only light pressure is required to cut through branches.

Darlac Deadheading Snips
These Deadheading Snips are lightweight and pocket sized.
They are ideal when deadheading, trimming house plants, flower arranging and gathering herbs.

Heavy Duty Ratchet Lopper
Make hard pruning an easy task with these Heavy Duty Loppers.
This robust lopper, which use a ratchet mechanism in their design enables them to cut through branches up to 2" (50mm) thick with ease.

Darlac Ladies Professional Secateurs
Perfect for any general pruning in the garden.
The slim profile and small opening span of the handles of these Ladies Professional Secateurs makes them ideally suited to the smaller hand.

Thornmaster Gardening Gloves
These Thornmaster Gardening Gloves are the toughest of gloves designed to provide you with maximum protection as you work outdoors. Manufactured by Showa, they combine seamless knitted cotton / polyester for comfort with a durable nitrile coated palm for a secure grip when it's wet or dry and unrivalled protection from abrasions and cuts making them perfect for heavy duty tasks in the garden as well as pruning thorny subjects such as roses.
Perennial Shears
The Perennial Shear is a delight to use and is ideal for so many tasks around the garden and greenhouse, you will wonder how you ever managed without it! At only 300g these shears and both lightweight and well balanced. Their high carbon steel blades are hollowed out to offer minimal friction for a precise cutting edge. The spring in the shears is soft enough to provide an effortless cutting action, allowing for prolonged use without wrist ache.
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