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Garden Rakes

Garden Rakes are available in a range of styles to suit different tasks within your garden. Leaf Rakes are the most common type of rake. Leaf Rakes usually have a long handle with a wide fanned end of flexible metal or plastic teeth or 'tines'. The ends of the tines are angled slightly downwards so they easily grab leaves. These lightweight rakes, with their wide heads, are easy to use and will cover a large area quickly. They are designed to do lighter sweeping jobs - as their name suggests they are good for sweeping up fallen leaves and can also be used to rake up grass clippings. Garden Rakes are designed to move and level soil, so are tougher and heavier tools than Leaf Rakes. A Garden Rake usually has a flat backed head, with the teeth of the rake pointing downwards at a 90 degree angle, making it easy for you to achieve a perfectly level surface. Large versions of the Garden Rake are known as 'Landscaper Rakes' which are suitable for moving around gravel.

Gardena Lawn Rake - Head Only
This Gardena hand-held Lawn Rake makes it easy to keep your garden trim and tidy. High quality plastic prongs make it strong but lightweight and gentle on your lawn.

Big Hands Leaf Grabbers
Quickly and cleanly collect loads of leaves or garden waste with this pair or large plastic grabbers whilst keeping your hand clean!

Road Broom Head for Gardena Combi System
This high quality Gardena Road Broom attachment (3621-20) is desinged to fit the Gardena combi system range of handles.
This tough brush head has strong polypropylene bristles for superb cleaning results and also has a 'scraping edge' which allows trodden in dirt or wet leaves to be lifted prior to brushing. This Gardena broom has a working width of 45cm and the unique 'wobble free' combi system quick attachment.
Gardena Combi-system Garden Rake Head
This Gardena garden rake head (3178-20) is part of the Gardena Combi System range. This multi purpose tool is ideal for raking, levelling soil in new beds and working soil to prepare ground for planting. This tough 36cm wide rake head has the Gardena unique 'wobble free' attatchment designed for quick and easy fitting to the range of Gardena Combi System handles.
Gardena Combi-system Grubber Head
This Gardena Garden Grubber head for use with the Gardena Combi System is ideal for loosening and aerating soil. With its 9cm working width it is ideal for for working in ground that is densely planted allowing you to work precisely, avoiding doing damage to plant roots.
Gardena Combi-system Spring Wire Rake
This Gardena Spring-Wire Rake is designed for cleaning and aerating mossy lawn areas. Its' robust wire prongs and large working width of 20 inch allows fast and effective work. Gardena has designed this rake head to work with any of its Combi-System handles available to purchase separately.
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