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Garden Pruners

Garden Pruners are used for trimming small branches, pruning rose bushes, snipping flowers etc. There are basically three different types of pruners - anvil, bypass and ratchet.
Anvil Pruners have a single straight cutting blade that closes down onto a flat edge - the 'anvil'. Anvil Pruners produce a slicing action, similar to a knife, and are good when cutting through dead wood and carrying out more heavy duty work on tougher stems.
Bypass Pruners are the most popular. The tool consists of two curved blades - one sharp and one not - that 'bypass' each other when cutting to create a good clean cut. These are ideal if you need accurate cuts on delicate stems.
Ratchet Pruners are basically Anvil Pruners but with a 'ratchet' mechanism built in. This makes it possible for you to cut through a branch in 3 or 4 movements rather than in one cutting action, so are especially useful for those gardeners with smaller or weaker hands.
Short handled pruners are available - sometimes called secateurs - and long handled pruners are available - sometimes known as loppers - and for reaching high branches long handled or telescopic pruners are also available. Select the ones based on what's growing in your garden Remember to keep the blades of the garden pruners sharp - otherwise you'll end up with bruised and damaged plants.

Heavy Duty Ratchet Lopper
Make hard pruning an easy task with these Heavy Duty Loppers.
This robust lopper, which use a ratchet mechanism in their design enables them to cut through branches up to 2" (50mm) thick with ease.

Geared Pruning Head for Swop Top System
Use this Geared Tree Pruner with one of Darlac’s telescopic poles to make trimming and pruning tall trees a simple task.
Designed to cut through branches up to 1½" thick with the minimum of effort, it achieves this with the use of a quad pulley mechanism, which reduces the amount of pulling effort required.

Darlac Telescopic Pole
These Telescopic Aluminium Poles from Darlac have been ingeniously designed to be fully length adjustable, letting you set the length to suit the subject on which you are working. Ideal for working overhead when fully extended, they can also be used closed for working on the ground.

Classic Ratchet Secateurs
These Ratchet Pruners will cut through anything from the finest twig to a 25mm branch with ‘ridiculous’ ease! Tests have shown that Ratchet Pruners require 30% less pressure than conventional secateurs; this is because the ratchet action multiplies the pressure used so only light pressure is required to cut through branches.

Darlac Deadheading Snips
These Deadheading Snips are lightweight and pocket sized.
They are ideal when deadheading, trimming house plants, flower arranging and gathering herbs.

Lopper and Secateur Set
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
This Special Offer Darlac Pruning Set offers you the Ratchet Loppers and Secateurs at a discounted price.
Cut through large branches, up to 2" thick, with ease using the loppers and for smaller branches or pruning, use the secateurs, which can slice through branches up to 1" thick.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £4.95 on purchasing the items separately.

Darlac Compact Snips
An indispensable tool for gardener or flower arranger, these Compact Snips are designed for accurate, precise cutting in even the most awkward corners.

Darlac Ladies Professional Secateurs
Perfect for any general pruning in the garden.
The slim profile and small opening span of the handles of these Ladies Professional Secateurs makes them ideally suited to the smaller hand.

Darlac Gents Professional Secateurs
The traditional, well-proven design of these Gents Professional Secateurs ensures they produce a very clean cutting action whilst fitting comfortably in the hand.

Cut-n-Hold Pruner
The New Cut-n-Hold Pruner is ideal for deadheading and collecting flowers for home use or creating a spectacular floral display. The stainless steel gripper is self-adjusting and suitable for live growth up to an astonishing 15mm. You'll find these pruners just the ticket for prickly roses, holly etc.
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