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Capillary Thermostat

Capillary Thermostats use capillary sensors in their control boxes to measure the air temperature and control the appliance they are attached to based on the temperature you select. Using a Thermostat to control a heating appliance will ensure accurate temperature control - this is better for your plants (as they get the temperature they prefer) and better for you (as you don't waste money over-heating your greenhouse - every 1 degree C the greenhouse is over-heated increase the bill by 10%).
When using a Thermostat, it is important that the sensor for the thermostat is situated in the correct part of the greenhouse to enable accurate measurement of the temperature. It is recommended that the thermostat should be placed about one third along the greenhouse, one third down from the ridge of the greenhouse and about 7 inches in from the greenhouse glass. It should not be put in draughts nor near the source of heat. (If your thermostat is being used to control a cooling device, then the sensor should not be placed in direct sunlight).

Capillary Greenhouse Thermostat
Versatile two way thermostat, ideal for use in damp environments.
By simply swapping over one of the conections within this conventionally configured Greenhouse Thermostat, you can alter it's use.
When switched the thermostat becomes a 'make on rise' unit which enables you to control a cooling appliance.
When delivered it will be configured to be a 'make on fall' thermostat used to control a heating device rated up to 3KW.

Professional Rod Thermostat
Use this traditional Professional Rod Thermostat to control soil warming cables in large propagation benches.
This Rod Thermostat has an IP rating of 52, so is very suitable for use in areas where misting is taking place. It is mostly used in large mist propagation units in commercial operations.

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