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Thermometer & Hygrometer

A thermometer that incorporates a hygrometer means that you can see the humidity levels which can be useful information, especially with hydroponics. A Hygrometer measures the moisture content in the air - termed the 'humidity'. The correct humidity in your greenhouse is important as it promotes healthy plant growth and helps prevent plant diseases - high humidity levels can result in Botrytis and other fungal diseases. Humidity is one or the most difficult conditions to control within your greenhouse - so try to avoid the extremes, aiming for humidity levels of between 50-85% for general plant growth. If the humidity levels are too high in your greenhouse they correct this by ensuring there is adequate ventilation - replacing the warm, humid air in the greenhouse with cooler, drier air from outside.

Electronic Temp and Humidity Weatherstation
When it’s important that the temperature and humidity within your greenhouse is kept at a given settin this Weatherstation lets you easily set an alarm system, so when things go array you’ll know straight away.

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