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Soil Thermometer

A Soil Thermometer is a thermometer specifically designed to measure soil temperature - the correct soil temperature is important for good germination. Using a Soil Thermometer is important as although you can measure the air temperature with a standard thermometer, very often the soil temperature will be 1-2 degrees colder than the air temperature - so you may think that it's warm enough to plant your seeds but it still could be considerably too cold below ground.
When determining that the soil temperature is warm enough to start planting, you should measure the temperature for three days, aiming to get a consistent reading over the three days. If the soil temperature is too cold when you plant your seeds then it can result in seed rot, slow germination, growth problems, disease or the plants may die. So investing in a Soil Thermometer and using it before you plant is a simple way of ensuring greater growing success.

Soil Thermometer
For checking soil temperatures in the garden or greenhouse.
This robust, aluminium cased soil thermometer is especially useful for use in the garden for checking soil temperatures are suitable, prior to planting out new stock, helping to avoid losing plants.

Propagation & Soil Thermometer
For checking compost or soil temperatures in or out of the greenhouse try this handy little Propagation & Soil Thermometer.
This thermometer is especially useful for use in propagation situations being small enough to sit in a covered seed tray as used in our range of Propagators allowing you to accurately monitor your propagators internal temperature.

ThermoPop Digital Thermometer
This multi purpose thermometer can also be used in the kitchen, allowing you to check the temperature of what you're cooking. Remember, don't use the same thermometer in the kitchen and greenhouse buy one for each area.
The ThermoPop is a pocket-sized, waterproof (IP66) thermometer which incorporates a fast response 4½" stainless steel penetration probe. It's ideal for testing soil or compost temperature, but can also be used to read air temperature, water temperature etc. The ThermoPop incorporates a unique 360* rotating display. Simply push a button to rotate the display in 90* increments, enabling you to read the temperature in any position, i.e. left hand, right hand, vertical or horizontal. It also comes complete with a probe cover with integral pocket clip.
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