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Greenhouse thermometers are used by gardeners to monitor the temperature in their greenhouse, cold frame or any other location where they are growing plants. Greenhouse thermometers are a vital piece of equipment when you're propagating seeds as they will help you to check the temperature so that you can ensure you heat your greenhouse sufficiently for healthy plant growth.
We stock many different types of thermometers for the gardener, from maximum / minimum thermometers which help you to see the temperatures reached in your greenhouse, to more modern digital thermometers which have large displays making them extremely easy to read. Some thermometers are designed to measure the air temperature, whereas other thermometers can be used to measure soil temperatures.

Maximum Minimum Thermometer
Maximum Minimum Thermometers display the present temperature, and also show the lowest and highest temperatures recorded since the thermometer was last reset. Maximum Minimum Thermometers are used in a greenhouse to monitor the temperatures reached during the night - so you know if you need to use a heater or if the heater you're using is increasing the temperature to what's needed. They will also record the maximum temperature during the day - so you will be able to tell if your greenhouse is overheating during the summer months.
When using a thermometer in your greenhouse you should place the thermometer exactly where you want to take the measurement. So rather than fixing the thermometer against a greenhouse wall, place it amongst your plants.
Indoor Outdoor Thermometer
Indoor Outdoor Thermometers allow you to easily monitor temperatures both inside your home and outside. When choosing an Indoor Outdoor Thermometer ideally choose one that is a wireless model - this makes it much easier for you when siting the sensor outdoors. Choose a thermometer with a large display so it's easy to read, even from across the room. Many thermometers allow you to see the temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit. And some thermometers record the maximum and minimum temperatures reached. For accurate readings, it's important that you site the sensor correctly. Ensure that it is within the range / distance from the monitor as stated for the model. Place the sensor so that it won't be directly exposed to rain and away from any heat sources as well as being out of direct sunlight.
Wireless Thermometer
With a Wireless Thermometer all you need to do is mount an outdoor sensor that will then send information to your indoor receiver. This allows you to find the perfect space to mount your thermometer without having to worry about cords or wires - so letting you place it in the most temperature critical location for accurate temperature sensing. Using a Wireless Indoor Outdoor thermometer lets you easily monitor conditions inside and outside your home.
There are a number of features to look for when buying a Wireless thermometer. The most important feature is the 'range' or 'distance' that you can place the sensor away from the monitor. Other features include how the temperature is displayed - a large digital display is easy to read even from across the room - whether it shows the temperature in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit or both - whilst some models may also display the humidity and time and are better described as 'weather stations'.
Wall Thermometer
A wall thermometer is a vital piece of equipment if you are using a greenhouse. It lets you accurately monitor the temperature and temperature is an important factor for healthy plant growth. The most common thermometers consist of a long, clear tube with a coloured liquid inside. The liquid inside the tube expands when it's hot - so the liquid climbs up the tube - and gets smaller when it's cool - so the liquid drops down in the tube. A scale on the wall thermometer lets you read the temperature the liquid has detected.
Thermometers usually measure temperature in Fahrenheit (used mainly in the USA) and Celsius. In degrees Fahrenheit ice freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Using Celsius to measure the temperature, freezing point if 0 degrees and boiling point 100 degrees.
Soil Thermometer
A Soil Thermometer is a thermometer specifically designed to measure soil temperature - the correct soil temperature is important for good germination. Using a Soil Thermometer is important as although you can measure the air temperature with a standard thermometer, very often the soil temperature will be 1-2 degrees colder than the air temperature - so you may think that it's warm enough to plant your seeds but it still could be considerably too cold below ground.
When determining that the soil temperature is warm enough to start planting, you should measure the temperature for three days, aiming to get a consistent reading over the three days. If the soil temperature is too cold when you plant your seeds then it can result in seed rot, slow germination, growth problems, disease or the plants may die. So investing in a Soil Thermometer and using it before you plant is a simple way of ensuring greater growing success.
Digital Thermometer
Digital thermometers are easier to read than traditional thermometers. They display the temperature on a clear, easy to read digital display, unlike traditional thermometers where you would read the temperature by looking at the calibrations marked up the side of the thermometer.
Many digital thermometers give you the option of displaying the temperature in either degrees centigrade or fahrenheit. Many digital thermometers also have a sensor on the end of a flexible lead - allowing you to place the sensor in the most important point for the temperature you're measuring - for example amongst the plants you're growing.
Thermometer & Hygrometer
A thermometer that incorporates a hygrometer means that you can see the humidity levels which can be useful information, especially with hydroponics. A Hygrometer measures the moisture content in the air - termed the 'humidity'. The correct humidity in your greenhouse is important as it promotes healthy plant growth and helps prevent plant diseases - high humidity levels can result in Botrytis and other fungal diseases. Humidity is one or the most difficult conditions to control within your greenhouse - so try to avoid the extremes, aiming for humidity levels of between 50-85% for general plant growth. If the humidity levels are too high in your greenhouse they correct this by ensuring there is adequate ventilation - replacing the warm, humid air in the greenhouse with cooler, drier air from outside.
Thermometer with Alarm
Using a thermometer that incorporates an alarm will let you know if temperatures fall below a given temperature - a really useful feature when you're growing temperature sensitive plants.
Maintaining the correct temperature is one of the most important factors for healthy plant growth - having too low a temperature or too high a temperature can cause problems. It is also important that you replace the old hot air with cool, fresh air - plant growth slows in hot, humid conditions - so as part of maintaining the correct temperature is allowing enough ventilation within the greenhouse for air to circulate.
Decorative Thermometer
Decorative Thermometers are not only an attractive addition to your garden they also let you check what the temperature is. Available in a range of designs you are sure to find one to compliment your outdoor area, such as near your patio or on a garden wall. All the Outdoor Decorative Thermometers which we stock are both waterproof and weatherproof - this is important when facing our constantly changing weather conditions. Resin thermometers are particularly good for use outdoors, whilst stone, clay or terracotta models might need to be brought inside during the winter. Metal thermometers are durable and rust proof- those made from cast iron or aluminium are ideal, copper and bronze clocks are likely to develop an attractive, naturally aged look over time. You may also find some models of Decorative Thermometers that also display the time or humidity.
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