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Storage Racks & Shelves

Being able to store excess fruit and vegetables when you have your own allotment or kitchen garden, means you can enjoy home grown produce all year round. Knowing the correct way to store fruit and vegetables so that they remain healthy is important. The most important factor is that they are kept somewhere cool, where air is able to circulate thoroughly around the produce - this is why using ,storage racks and shelves that have slatted levels are ideal. Wooden, slatted trays are also good for storage of smaller quantities - they are perfect for keeping small quantities of apples - these should be wrapped individually in greaseproof paper first.

Sit, Step And Store
This Sit, Step and Store is the perfect organiser for home, garage or garden. It's great in the garden for sitting on whilst planting flower beds and borders. At the same time you can keep all your small garden tools close to hand - trowels, secateurs, gloves, twine, labels etc. - within the tidy tray which fits within the step stool.
Tilt Drawer Interlocking Cabinet
Just £6.00 for any size of the Tilt Drawers, normal RRP is £11.49
Get organised with this range of Tilt Drawer Interlocking Cabinets. Made from durable plastic they are ideal for use in your home, garage or garden shed. The built in tilting drawers make them perfect for storing all sorts of odds and ends - like screws, bolts, nails, labels etc as well as being ideal for storing craft materials. We've chosen this selection of cabinets as they have been designed to be interlocking, so you can create one sturdy unit from a combination of cabinets providing a range of different sized drawers.
Dual Solution Shelf Unit
Just £27.04 for this Dual Solution Shelf Unit, normal RRP is £49.50
Ideal for use in the garage, shed or home, this Dual Solution Shelf Unit provides you with maximum versatility when it comes to storage. Build as a single 5 Shelf Unit standing 6ft high or make two shelf units each 3'2" high, one with two shelves and one with three shelves. So, if your storage needs alter throughout the year, you can alter the configuration of the shelves to suit.
Garden 2 Shelf Tool Tidy
This Garden Tool Tidy is ideal for use in the home, garage, shed or greenhouse. It has been designed to hold a range of common garden tools at once, such as spades, forks, rakes, brooms etc. Its' compact size makes it easy for you to store your tools safely and neatly in the smallest of spaces.
Adjustable Storage Drawers
These new Adjustable Storage Drawers have been designed by Two Wests and Elliot Ltd here in Chesterfield, have been found to be as equally useful in your greenhouse, as they would be in your porch, shed or garage.
This strong, multi-purpose storage unit is made from rot free aluminium and has aluminium trays top and bottom, with strong, deep plastic drawers in-between.

Extra Drawer Set for Adjustable Storage Drawers
Make your Adjustable Storage Drawers even more versatile by adding extra Drawers.

Versatile Shelving 3' High
This 3' (90cm) high Versatile Shelving has a strong, maintenance-free aluminium frame & can be supplied with either aluminium trays, aluminium slats or timber slats as a surface to each level, depending on your requirements. The levels are not pre determined, you can choose your desired height settings as you assemble the unit.

Versatile Shelving 4' High
This 4' (122cm) high Versatile Shelving has four height adjustable shelves enabling you to accommodate all manner of things from tall plants to small pots, all in a compact area.

Versatile Shelving 5' High
This 5' (152cm) high Versatile Shelving has a strong, maintenance-free aluminium frame & can be supplied with either aluminium trays, aluminium slats or timber slats as a surface to each level, depending on your requirements. The levels are not pre determined, you can choose your desired height settings as you assemble the unit.

Seed Tray Rack
Lots of seedlings and plants can be accommodated on these multi-level Seed Tray Racks, specially designed to make maximum use of limited space.

Greenhouse Integral Shelf
A versatile Integral Greenhouse Shelf which is securely fixed onto the wall of your greenhouse providing valuable growing or storage space exactly where and when you need it.
The Integral Shelving is hinged at the back and suspended at the front via galvanised wire hangers, making it quck and easy to put up and down as and when you need it.

Greenhouse Integral Staging
This Greenhouse Integral Staging is really versatile, being hinged to the wall you can quickly and easily put it up as and when you like.
During the summer, many gardeners use their greenhouse to grow tomatoes and other summer crops and then later on in the year need to over winter their tender plants, whilst in early spring a greenhouse can be struggling for space for seed trays. As a result of these varying requirements for occasional shelving, we developed our Integral Staging. This staging offers a generous, stable work surface which can be folded vertically out of the way in seconds.

SPECIAL OFFER - Combination Rack
This Combination Rack made from lightweight but extremely strong aluminium extrusions, is a rack for all seasons.
Coming complete with three different surfaces that will fit on any level of your choosing, you can reconfigure this rack to suit your immediate and future needs, with ease. One surface is supplied as aluminium slats ideal for accomodating plants that need good air ciculation, another is supplied as a self watering tray capable of providing up to two weeks of water to your pot plants or seedlings and the third level is supplied as a sturdy aluminium gravel tray and mat either for extra plant storage or creating a useful work surface.
All this in a compact space ideal for any situation.

Clearspan Staging
This new two tier Clearspan Staging has clean, un cluttered lines giving you the maximum of amount of un hindered access and useable space.
The strong, rust and rot proof aluminium framework is freestanding allowing it to be moved if required, whilst the choice of removable surface's - aluminium trays or timber slatted sections, or a combination of both, makes this greenhouse bench infinitely versatile.
The aluminium gravel trays can be used either way up - as a dished tray to accomodate water matting or gravel, or flipped over as a flat top to create useful working areas. The timber slatted sections are ideal for plants that like maximum drainage or are must if your overwintering plants, as good air circulation is essential to keep plants healthy.

Pair of Modular Shelf Brackets
Wall mounting shelf brackets as used in our Wall Mounted Modular Shelf packs.
Strong aluminium brackets, sold in pairs, designed to be bolted direct to greenhouse glazing channels using the special cropped bolts and nuts provided.
These brackets can also be fitted to timber and brick using normal screws (not provided) if required and allow you to fit your own shelf surface so you have complete flexibilty.

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