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Outdoor Cupboards & Chests

Putting your tools away properly when not in use will ensure that your tools remain protected from rust and wear and will last longer. Weatherproof, outdoor cupboards and chests make storage of your tools easy - and also means they are easy to find when you need them again. Before putting your tools away remember to remove any dirt. For sharp tools - such as loppers, shears, secateurs etc - make sure that their blades are sharp before storing away - so they are ready to use straight away when you want to use them again. As well as your garden tools, you also need to be able to store away any watering equipment, including hosepipes, so they aren't affected by winter weather conditions.

Storage Cupboard
Store gardening equipment in your garden with these weatherproof Storage Cupboards. Designed to withstand the outside elements, these robust cupboards come complete with shelves so that you’ve got loads of space to store your garden tools. These cupboards are also smart enough to be used in your garage or cellar - anywhere you need storage for bulky items.

Plant Inn
The Plant Inn combines the qualities of a raised bed with those of a cold frame. It puts you in control of the planting environment - soil, water, temperature and humidity. In this way the Plant Inn lets you extend the growing season, so you can plant earlier which helps to increase healthy growth for bumper crops. Ideal for the smaller garden, this compact structure can be used on porches, patios or balconies when space is limited. Ideal for growing flowers, vegetables or herbs this durable structure is made of a strong aluminium frame and clear polycarbonate glazing. It also includes a useful storage compartment under the growing area where you will be able to store gardening tools and equipment. space underneath.
Forest Garden Tool Chest
This roomy timber Garden Tool Chest from Forest is ideal for smaller gardens where storage is required but a full size garden shed wouldn't fit. Its large opening lid and removable front panel provides easy access whilst its traditional shiplap timber design and felted roof helps to keep your garden tools out of site and safe from bad weather.
Forest Garden Tall Chest
This stylish Garden Tall Chest will be both a practical and attractive addition to your garden. For long life it is made from pressure treated timber and features a zinc roof for extra weather protection. The small, slim design makes this chest suitable for even small gardens whilst still providing you with loads of protected space to store your garden tools, with two internal shelves ideal for small tools and plenty of room underneath for long handled gardening tools.
Timber Mower Store
This Timber Mower Store is perfect for placing on a patio or decked area. Designed to store your lawn mower, it can also be used to store other gardening tools - keeping everything neat and tidy and protected from the weather. A practical store for when you haven't got space for a garden shed or garage, this store has double doors for easy access. For long life it is constructed from overlap cladding which has been dip treated with preservative and has a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Timber Tool Chest
This Timber Tool Chest is a compact storage box designed to keep your garden tools, furniture, children's toys etc neat and safe in one place. It has a lifting lid that can be propped open for easy access. Ideal for placing on a patio, decking or pathway, this tool chest has been dip treated for long life - it comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Pent Tool Chest
This Pent Tool Store is just right for the smaller garden, keeping your garden free from clutter whilst providing you with protected storage space for keeping a wide range of garden tools and sundries in a dry environment so they won't rust or warp - for smaller tools the integral shelf is ideal. This sturdy store is made from robust rustic overlap timber, with a solid sheet floor and roof. For optimum drainage the store has a sloped pent roof covered with hard-wearing mineral felt.

Overlap Maxi Garden Store
This Overlap Maxi Garden Store is a space saving solution for smaller gardens where space is at a premium. This garden store will enable you to keep your garden clutter free and at the same time provides a safe, protected storage space for a wide range of garden tools, from large lawn mowers through to smaller tools such as rakes or spades. It's even large enough to store bicycles.

Premium Log And Tool Store
This Premium Log And Tool Store combines in a single unit a place to store logs and a place to store tools. This Log and Tool Store has been pressure treated for long life - it requires no further treatment and is guaranteed against rot for 15 years.

Large Wood Store
This Large Wood Store is perfect in the winter months when you need to store your logs in shelter, but still have them within easy reach. The slatted floor and sides ensure maximum air flow throughout the log pile, to help dry out your logs.

Forest 6x4 Pressure Treated Overlap Apex Shed With Lean To
This traditional 6x4 Overlap Shed has been pressure treated for longer life and has a lean to for extra sheltered storage. Being pressure treated means this garden shed is low maintenance, looks good and is excellent value for money. The roof extension creates a sheltered storage area next to the shed, ideal for storing logs, bags of compost or makes a great spot for a garden bench. The roof extension can be fixed on either side of the shed as can the window.

Forest Timber Bike Store
This large Timber Bike Store with double doors for easy access is the ideal storage unit to stow bikes away when they are not in use. Equally, it's ideal for storing garden tools or furniture, keeping them neatly stored away and protected from the weather. Available for self assembly, or, if you prefer, an assembly service is available.
Forest Timber Midi Wall Store
This rustic Midi Wall Store is built from sturdy overlap cladding and finished with a felted roof. A smaller version of the Maxi Wall Store, this single hinged store is ideal for small spaces and still provides lots of protected space to store garden tools out of site and safe from the weather.
Forest Garden Pinnacle Log Store
This timber Pinnacle Log Store from Forest will make a striking addition to any gardening, providing both an attractive and practical space to keep logs dry and protected from the elements. Ideal for placing on a patio or against a wall to create a garden feature while keeping your logs within easy reach.
Forest Garden Woodstore
This timber Woodstore from Forest combines all the features necessary for an effective place to store logs. It provides a sheltered position to keep logs whilst its slatted floor, sides and back allow maximum airflow - vital when storing logs as you are trying to reduce their moisture content (freshly cut timber contains around 60% or more of moisture, for effective burning it needs to be as little as 20%. This is because dry logs burn quicker, is easier to light and provides better heat than logs with more moisture content). The compact dimensions of this woodstore will also enable you to place it in the best location - ideally it should be close to your house so you have quick and easy access to it, especially important during the winter months when it will be used the most.
Forest Timber Wall Log Store
When you need a large capacity log store this Wall Log Store from Forest could be the answer. With a rustic overlap construction made from pressure treated timber you'll get years of use - it's even covered by a 15 year manufacturers anti-rot guarantee. The simple lean-to design helps to protect the logs from the elements whilst still allowing maximum airflow, vital when storing logs.
Forest Garden Flip Top Log Store
These Flip Top Log Stores from Forest Garden feature an extra wide hinged top roof. This provides additional protection from the wind and rain when down, simply flip back for easy access. In addition to this lift up roof these log stores have been designed to allow maximum air circulation - with their slatted sides and back and raised floor. The reason air flow is important is that dry logs burn more efficiently, so allowing air easy access this will help to naturally dry out the timber.
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