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Wooden Bench

Wooden Benches are often chosen buy those gardeners who have a wooden greenhouse. Benches, down one or both sides of your greenhouse, help you to keep your greenhouse free of clutter, helping to create a healthier environment for plant growth. All of our wooden staging & benching is supplied with slatted wooden surfaces - slats allow the air to circulate around the benching helping to reduce the risk of damp, mould and plant disease.
When choosing benching to fit within your greenhouse remember that it should be about waist height - this makes it comfortable to work at. When selecting the width only choose benching up to 3ft wide (unless it's going to be placed in the centre of your greenhouse and accessed from both sides when it can be wider) - this makes it easy to reach all your plants. Make best use of vertical space within your greenhouse by selecting benching with more than one level, so giving you more space for plant growth or storage. However, single tier wooden benching is good if you have large items to store below it.

Folding Timber Staging
Folding Timber Benches allow you maximum flexibility within your greenhouse. They are quick and easy to assemble - this also means they are quick to remove making them ideal if you are raising lots of plants in the spring and need lots of growing space, but during the summer are growing greenhouse crops (such as tomatoes) which need lots of height to grow - simply fold the staging up until it's needed again.
Our Folding Timber Benches are also 31 inches high - a good working height so you can work comfortably even for long periods. The benches are also narrow - available 14 or 21 inch wide - making it comfortable for you to reach all your plants for easy watering and maintenance. Supplied with two tiers, you can choose to remove the lower level if you need more storage space - removing this level can be done in minutes, is easy to refit and does not affect the overall strength of the structure.

Hercules Timber Staging
Timber staging is a common choice, especially if you have a wooden greenhouse - you just need to make sure that it can resist the humid conditions of your greenhouse. Our Hercules Staging is made from virtually rot proof tantalised timber so providing years of use and, having slatted timber surfaces, air is able to freely circulate, reducing possible damage from damp or disease.
Our Hercules Staging also meets the other key feature - that of strength. When choosing greenhouse staging you need to select staging that will be strong enough to support lots of plants in trays and pots - remember, well watered plants can weigh heavy. This timber staging has a really robust construction resulting in a staging of superior strength.

Wooden Bench Accessories
Our Wooden Bench Accessories have been chosen to prolong the life of your wooden bench & staging by protecting it from its main enemy - water. As long as you carry out a few actions when installing wooden staging in your greenhouse, you will be able to maintain its' strength be able to use it year after year.
Water can come into contact with your staging in two main ways - from above when watering your plants or from below if the staging is stood directly on the ground. You can protect the legs of the staging by using our aluminium Footplates - these simply fit below the legs, so that the wood will not be in direct contact with the ground. When watering you plants, you have a few options which will make watering easy as well as protecting your staging from too much exposure to water. You could use Watertight Plastic Gravel Trays - standing your pots or seed trays in these will keep the water away from your staging. Or you could set up a capillary watering system, by first covering your staging with a protective layer of Black Polythene on top of which you place your Capillary Matting.

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