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Commercial Benching & Accessories

Our strongest aluminium benching, our Commercial Benching will provide you with a very substantial growing space, making it ideal for larger greenhouses and polytunnels. Suitable for carrying heavy loads - remember pots can weigh heavy when laden with plants and water - it has a supremely strong frame made from heavy duty aluminium sections, quadruple bolted for maximum strength. This free standing greenhouse benching is extremely stable, with legs space at 4 foot intervals and bracing between the top and lower levels. To make best use of the space, Commercial Benching is available with one level - also known as 'single tier benching' - or with two levels - 'two tier benching' - providing even more useable growing or storage space.
Commercial Benching is available with either a solid aluminium surface or with aluminium slats. A solid aluminium surface is the most popular choice and being held in place by a lower lip, is great for holding water matting, capillary matting, sand or gravel - helping to promote increased humidity. Choose a slatted surface if you are growing plants that prefer lots of air to circulate around their roots - such as orchids or cyclamen. Slats allow maximum air to circulate, helping to prevent botrytis or damping off due to stagnant air.

Commercial Bench - Single Tier
At 30" (75cm) high this Single Tier greenhouse Commercial Benching allows plenty of room for storage below the staging and is ideal for carrying heavy loads such as cacti and propagators.

Commercial Bench - Two Tier
Suitable for larger greenhouses this Two Tier Commercial Benching will carry heavy loads such as cacti, propagators etc. and its very strong lower level provides ample storage and growing area.

Commercial Bench Extra Height
NB. Please purchase a quantity that matches the total length of your chosen bench or benches.
Let us know your exact requirements by filling in the information box below.

Increase the height of your Commercial Benching(any height you like up to 40") making it more comfortable to work at if your doing lots of potting up, seed sowing or general work. The extra height also comes in useful if you yourself are tall, it reduces the need to bend so avoiding back ache. Having your Commercial Bench higher also increases the gap between levels, thus giving you more space between levels allowing more light in so that you can grow more successfully on the lower tier. Alternatively have a taller staging and have the lower tier lifted also, giving you more room at floor level...............the choice is yours.

Foot Plates (1 Pair)
Stop sinkage when standing your greenhouse staging or benching on to soft ground with these strong aluminium Foot Plates.

Water Matting
This Water matting is the modern replacement for sand and gravel.
The matting is 3/8" (10mm) thick and has a huge water holding capacity - it can hold 12 pints per square yard.
The other main advantages of this water matting are, it is lightweight so easy to install and also that it is easy to keep clean, so helping to prevent spread of disease.
Supplied by the running metre, simply alter the quantity to purchase as many total metres as required and then cut to size.

Black Polythene per metre
A heavy duty black Polythene especially useful on top of wooden benches to give a good base for water or capillary matting.

Capillary Matting
SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
A high quality Capillary Matting which transports water quickly and evenly over flat level surfaces. It allows a large number of plants to be easily watered and at the same time helps create a good humid atmosphere.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack below and you will SAVE £5.50 against purchasing multiple single metres.

Commercial Bench Plunge Surround
Turn your commercial bench into a heavy-duty plunge or propagating bench by adding this 6" deep plunge surround.
Adding this surround allows you to fill the void with a medium such as coarse horticultural grit sand for the plunging of clay pots, ideal for growing alpines or allowing you to bury a soil warming cable to create a propagation bench.
Alternatively line the surround with an underlay and pond liner to create a specialist water holding bench for the growing of bog and carnivorous plants.

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